Wednesday, January 6, 2016

year in review [part two]

The other day I shared some highlights from the first part of last year [you can read it here if you missed it]. Today I'll finish the with the second half of the year!

We started getting out a little bit more, and one day made it to the park and an arboretum with some visiting family. It made for an extremely relaxing morning.

Oliver celebrated his one month birthday! My how quickly he has grown.

I celebrated my birthday and was spoiled by a thoughtful hubby with a cake and just a sweet day as a family of four.

Emerson reached his 2 1/2 year mark and I wrote him a little letter.

I shared Oliver's newborn pictures.

My mom and oldest sister came to visit us! It was a full house, but it was so nice to have my family visit for a few days and for them to meet Oliver.

Oliver turned two months old!

We got to see my sister and her new baby boy.

After seeing my sister we went to visit grandparents and other family in Kentucky.

And of course, since we were able to, we went to Emerson's Papaw's farm and he got to drive the tractor and four wheeler again.

We ended the month and our Summer with a trip to Lake Barkley and a short visit with more family and some friends.

I realized that Oliver may have a milk allergy.

I talked about the one time we gave our pup away.

Oliver reached the three month mark.

This was also the month that we joined the rest of society and got smart phones [yay! :].

And I basically cried a river as I talked about the other time we gave our pup away.

Landon and I celebrated seven years of wedded bliss.

We also got to celebrate the marriage of a good friend of ours and spend a long weekend with family while we were in for the wedding.

Oliver kept growing and we celebrated four months of life with him.

We dedicated Oliver to the Lord.

I shared a little recap of our Halloween celebration.

Oliver was officially allergic to milk at this point and I shared some more about that.

Oliver turned five months old!

We enjoyed a visit with Landon's parents one weekend.

It snowed!

I shared a little Thanksgiving recap.

We wished Oliver a very happy half birthday [with a low key six month update ... and some sweet potatoes :]!

My dearest friend and I decided to be brave and take our children to the aquarium one morning. Her with her two little people and me with mine. It was a wonderful little crazy morning, and I wouldn't have done it with anyone else.

Just in time for Christmas, I shared our Christmas card.

We spent an extended amount of time in Kentucky with Landon's family.

Even though we had been away from home for a while, we stuck around to celebrate Christmas with family, like we would leave on Christmas! ;)

Emerson and Oliver got to see Santa!

We also celebrated our first Christmas as a family of four when we got back home from visiting Kentucky.

In the day to day, it never really seems like we do that much, but looking back over these posts it is so easy to see that our days were filled with love, fun, family, and little adventures. That's one reason I love blogging so much. I'm able to look back on how we spent our days and see what has changed for us. It's crazy to see how much the boys have grown and changed [and me when I was pregnant!] over the past year - and even just the past six months for Oliver. Emerson looked so baby like and now he's all grown up on me. Oh my goodness. The saying, "They days are long, but the years are short," is spot on. And though some days are a little exhausting, they are all wonderfully filled with this sweet little family I have been so blessed with. Here's to hoping this new year is filled with equally wonderful things!


Callie said...

Oh my gosh, I love their costumes! Your boy are too cute, how fun!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Your babies are just so sweet! And I adore the name Oliver. That was in our top three for our son, but we ultimately decided not to use it because I always wanted an Olivia if we ever had a girl, and we didn't want an Oliver and Olivia. Lol. Good thing we waited, because we got our Olivia two and a half years later!