Monday, February 8, 2016

favorite baby items [4-8 months]

Here's the thing, I found it a little tricky to put months with these baby items. Most of them are/can be used for a lot longer than from months 4-8. However I had already shared a post in which I listed my favorite baby things for 0-3 months, so I just picked month 4 and went up to Oliver's [almost] current age of 8 months. Thus, the 4-8 months. case you were wondering how I picked those months, which I'm sure you all were, that's how I came about it. 

Moving right along. I thought I'd share some of our [my] favorite things for us these days... 

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1. This diaper bag. For the longest time I continued to use the diaper bag I had used with Emerson. I figured, it worked for me with him, it would work for me now. And it did, for the most part. But with toting two little people around [and some days three little ones] using a diaper bag with one strap just wasn't working well for me. I needed both arms completely free, enter the back pack diaper bag. Genius. It was a game changer from the the start. Now I wonder what took me so long to actually get one. This one in particular has a great big deep pocket that's great for keeping changes of clothes [for more than one kiddo if you have multiple], diapers, wipes, extra pacis, really anything. There are other pockets for storing other smaller things and two little zipper bags come with this bag, one of which is insulated! Basically, it's wonderful. 

2. This high chair. Much like the diaper bag, I had planned on using the high chair I had used with Emerson for Oliver. But then my sister asked me if I wanted this gem, and I was all over it. We used it at Thanksgiving and Emerson sat in it [we were short on chairs - it just shows that it works great for toddlers too!] and then we brought it home with us. At first I was just going to use it for travel, but then I got it out one day for Oliver and I don't plan on putting it away anytime soon. It's sooo much nicer than the other high chair we used. Oliver can sit at the table with us, it takes up no space at all [a huge bonus when you have a tiny kitchen/dining area], and it is so easy to keep clean! I highly recommend this high chair. Plus, it's so easy to travel with, it even comes with a travel bag. As long as you have a solid and strong table, this will be your new best friend at meal times. 

3. A bouncer entertainer. I used this thing all the time when Emerson was a little nugget and have used it a ton with Oliver as well. Once he was able to support himself fairly well, I put him in this bouncer and haven't looked back. He sits/stands in it while I fix meals and clean the kitchen. It has severed us well and I will be sad when it no longer entertains him. I'm afraid that day might be sooner than later. Now that he's figured out he can sit and roll around on the floor, siting/standing still in a super fun bouncer is for the birds. Still, we love it and I don't know what I'd do without it. 

4. There's no telling how many times we've used our double stroller. It's great because Oliver's carseat can go into it, but it can be used when he's out of the carseat too. I'm so thankful we were gifted with this stroller, I really don't know what I'd do without it! 

5.  I'm not one for bathing babies in sinks. Maybe if our bedrooms were on the same level as the kitchen or if our bathroom had a bigger sink I'd be all about it. But it's just not for us. I love this little tub, it's perfect for tiny newborns and older because it has a little booty stopper [an insert that helps hold the baby up instead of sinking into the water]. As much as Oliver loves bath time, this is a life saver. I'm glad we got him a little tub. Even though it's not something we'll use forever it's well worth it to me to be able to bathe him comfortably. 

6. With a loud brother running around the house like a wild man, it's nice to have a little sound machine for Oliver while he sleeps. Emerson used [and still does] one so we thought it'd be good to have one to use with Oliver as well. It offers different sounds and songs, and it has a nice nightlight and projects stars onto the ceiling. We like it. 

7. The Bumbo seat. There's no telling how often Oliver sits/sat in this thing, it's getting to be less and less now that he's able to sit on his own. But, when he couldn't sit on his own and was tired of laying down, this thing was perfect. It allowed me time to fix dinner when he wasn't quite big enough for the bouncer. We're both pretty big fans and I can't imagine not having one for my baby. If you don't have one - get you one! 

What are some baby items that you love?


Amy said...

Great guide! We have a Bumbo but both if my boys couldn't use it very long because they have thighs for days. ;)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Love all of these! Our favorite was the Bumbo... although, both of our babies had GIGANTIC thigh chunks so it was always hard to get them out of it. When I would go to pick them up, the Bumbo would hang on to their legs and I'd always have to shake it off. Lol.