Wednesday, February 24, 2016

little gifts [192 - 216]

On this blustery winter day, with winds howling outside and snow blowing over the earth it is easy to think of quite a few things I am blessed by. 

192. a bright pink hoodie keeping me warm and bright on this frigid day 

193. electricity and heat keeping our home warm 

194. hearing, "God will take care of me. God will keep me safe," sung in Emerson's room in the early hours of the morning as he hears the wind howling outside his window 

195. cozy clothes for the boys to stay warm in 

196. having a theme in my thankfulness ;) 

197. my sister asking me for sleep training advice [what?!] 

198. a sister to walk through the baby stages with

199. naps lasting longer than an hour 

200. 7:33pm. aka: bedtime. 

201. knowing there are at least 200 little things that have been a blessing to me 

202. baking and trying new things in the kitchen 

203. reading by lamplight 

204. perfectly formed flakes of snow swirling in the air 

205. a snow day. no work. just home with my little loves

206. a thrown together dinner that turned out to he healthy and good

207. my babe sleeping contently in my arms 

208. toddler arms wrapped around my legs, moving me to dance with him

209. a little voice singing hymns and asking me to sing along 

210. relentless love of a big brother towards his little brother 

211. seeing prayers answered 

212. knowing that trusting Him is hard, but so very good 

213. everything that this day is: tears, giggles, whining, playing, learning, thinking, giving, exhausting. A beautiful mess. 

214. little dimply hands reaching out for me

215. big, wet, open mouth, slobbery, tongue, and tooth-filled baby kisses right on the mouth

216. said dimply hands pulling my head towards his for said kiss. And another. And another. 

What are some blessings in your life right now? 

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All Things Big and Small said...

I love this! I have been reading so much on the importance of practicing daily gratitude and this is such a great list! We take for granted some of the most important things sometimes, and get caught up in what we don't have. We are all lucky to have a shelter for our families, heat, and clothes, and food to fill their tummies!