Thursday, March 31, 2016

fuzzy brained confessions

My time is limited today, the nugget is not feeling well [again] and fighting sleep, so who knows how long I'll have before he wakes up.

I confess . . .

- I have two pairs of jeans that actually fit me.

- Of those two pairs, I basically only wear one of them.

- There are four baskets worth of clean clothes in a mountain on my bed right now. A load in the dryer, another load in the washing machine, and a basket full of folded clothes waiting to be put away. The struggle is real.

- Sometimes I think, "no more babies!" That thought usually runs through my head when Oliver is up partying all night long, fighting sleep and me, yanking my hair out of my ponytail and waving it around his head, and pinching me with his incredibly strong little fingers.

- when he wakes up happy and is all giggles and smiles and we play and he laughs his belly laughs, I think, "More babies! Sign me up!"

- My emotions get the better of me.

- There are about a dozen crates of baby food on our kitchen floor, and Oliver won't eat any of it.

- Oliver's clothes are not fitting as well as they used to ... but I have yet to get him ones that actually fit right.

- We are planning to go on an actual date - soon! I have the number for a babysitter and everything She's one of the Sunday School teachers at our church, loves our boys, and they seem to really like her too. Plus, she's super nice. Now we just need to actually go on a date.

- That date keeps getting postponed every time Oliver gets sick. Surprise surprise, he's sick again.

- I realize most of these are about Oliver...

- - - - -

I'll stop there for today. My mind it half asleep right now; I blame it on being up more than half the night with the nugget. Also, he just woke up from a super long, 20 minute afternoon nap. Please note the sarcasm.

Happy Thursday to you!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter baskets

Easter may have been on Sunday, but before it gets too far behind us, I wanted to make sure to share a glimpse into Emerson and Oliver's Easter baskets. I've done this ever since we celebrated Emerson's first Easter and I wanted to continue doing that, even if it is after Easter. At least they got to dig through their baskets on Sunday, right? 

Usually I try to keep the goodies inside the Easter basket simple and practical. This year I tried to do that again, though I know a few things made their way in the baskets just for fun. There's no harm in that though.

Last year after Easter, I went to the store in search of a few goodies I could bring out this year. I was able to find a basket for Oliver and a few other Easter goodies for a steal, so I was excited to bring them out this year. For Oliver I tried to stick with things I knew he needed and liked. Since he's just a little nugget, I knew candy wouldn't be in there, but I wanted him to have some sort of yummy treat, thus the Puffs. He looooves Puffs. Recently he's started boycotting all baby food and only eating Puffs. I grabbed a few to put in his basket and that's the thing he was most excited about. 

He also really likes the bunny, especially when I make him hop and play with him. Pacis, a sippy cup [maybe this one will be the one?], some shoes, a bath toy, a swim suit, and a few empty bunny eggs just because, also made the basket this year. For a little nugget, it's not too bad I think.  

The older Emerson gets, the tricker it is to decide what to put in his basket. I just see so many things that I know he would like or need. My practical side usually wins out in the end but I had to include a few must have Easter treats: Peeps and Reese's pieces and eggs. Some Pez and fruit snacks were added in for good measure.

He loves to be outside when the weather is nice and he loves to help us with anything we do. Last summer he was all about helping Landon with the garden, so when I saw a little watering can and gardening tool just his size for a few dollars, those were quick to make it into his basket. I know he'll love using them and gardening this summer. 

A plate, some silverware, and sippy cup, and a little notepad with crayons made their way into his basket as well. Good and useful things. Like I said, I like to keep things practical. He was super excited about them and as soon as he saw them, he brought them over to me and told me to put them in the kitchen. That boy...

Of course you have to have a something for fun in the basket too, which is where two little dinosaurs from "The Good Dinosaur" came in. Earlier in the week we had gone to the store and of course, had to look at the toys. He kept pointing at pretty much everything and when I handed it to him, he'd look at it a second then want to put it back. Then I he pointed to the dinosaurs, I handed him a box to look at and he held on to that thing the rest of the shopping trip.

We usually don't buy the toys or books he looks at while we shop, but I added the little toy dinosaurs to everything else I was getting while checking out and then promptly hid them and later lied about not having them when he asked where his dinosaurs were at. I told him we had to leave them at the store. uhhh... Yeah, so I was excited to add something to his basket that I knew he liked and to give him a new little toy.

He was pretty excited about the dinosaurs too, they have names and they go most places with him. We've never seen that movie, but I have a feeling that one day in the near future, we'll have to get it to watch with him. Have any of you seen it? Good? Bad? Cute? Weird? Thoughts?

Anyhow, those are the boy's Easter baskets this year, and Oliver's very first Easter basket! It was so much fun getting these ready for the boys and watching them go through them. Also, those two things of Puffs Oliver got on Sunday morning? There's about one cup left of them. Yeah, the boy goes through them. I hope that's not a bad thing?

If you made it this far, you should get a prize! But seriously, I've been enjoying reading about your Easters and love getting glimpses of your baskets if you share them!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Easter is just the best. I just love that it's always been a day of celebration. Even when I was a little girl I remember loving celebrating Easter. It's one of my favorites. This weekend we enjoyed a really nice Easter weekend and did a few little fun activities to celebrate too. And because I couldn't narrow it down too much more I did, there are loads of pictures in this post! Sorry, but not really! :)

Friday night we had dinner together and then once the boys were in bed Landon and I watched a movie and then headed to bed. It was nice to sit down and watch a movie with Landon, we used to do it more often, and it felt like it had been too long. 

Oliver woke around 5 and ate when he went back down, I debated going back to bed or staying up and just starting my day. I decided to crawl back under the covers and let the boys wake me up at their usual waking hour of 6. Miracle of miracles, both of the boys slept until after 7 o'clock that morning. I woke up a little before them, but we took our time getting ready that morning. Once we were all finally ready and had finished breakfast, we headed out to run a few errands. By the time we came home it was just about lunch time, so the boys played while I fixed lunch, which was followed by naps. I love nap time. Especially when both of the boys take naps at the same time. 

During their nap time I did some long overdue cleaning and then I got their Easter baskets ready for the next morning. It was nice to just sit for a little bit and get some things done around the house. Although, as it always happens, the nice cleaning and tidying up I'd done didn't last for long. Saturday night wasn't very eventful, so much so that I hardly remember what we did. hah. 
Even though our church doesn't have a sunrise service, I was up at dawn with Oliver and decided to go ahead and stay up. I got ready, fixed muffins for breakfast, hid the Easter baskets, and had my quiet time. Once the boys were awake we went downstairs to let them find their Easter baskets. Emerson loved that he had to look for his basket and once he found his he was sure to help Oliver, mostly because he didn't want Oliver getting into his basket. 

I filled their baskets with a few goodies this year, a few candies for Emerson, Puffs for Oliver, a little toy or two for each of them, sippy cups, and a few other things I picked up over the past few months. As soon as Oliver saw his basket he started crawling over to it, then he saw the Puffs sticking out and grabbed those first. He rolled around on the floor with the Puffs container for most of the morning. The boy loves Puffs. Emerson went through his basket so carefully and put everything back in it. It was the complete opposite of how he ripped through is presents at Christmas and his birthday. 

We enjoyed breakfast together and then got ready for church. Ever since moving to Illinois, we've gone to the park before going to church on Easter Sunday so I can take pictures. This year we were running quite late, so the pictures had to wait until after the service. Thankfully the weather was still nice, even a little warmer, after church and the park was basically deserted, so Emerson was able to run around a little bit and we could get some pictures of the boys. 

By the time we got home it was a little late to start on our Easter dinner and have it ready before naps, so we had a little lunch and put the boys down for nap time a little earlier than usual. The couple that leads our small group called  right around nap time and invited us over for dinner, so instead of making a meal during nap time, I made some cookies to take with us. Easy peasy. 

I think the Easter Bunny is cute and fun, but we don't really talk about him much around here. We share what Easter is truly about and why is is such a day worth celebrating. Emerson and I had been reading "The Story of Easter" [which by the way is the best Easter story for little ones I've found. We love it!] a lot in the weeks leading up to Easter, because I want him to know what Jesus did for us. But, I think bunnies are the cutest, so I couldn't resist and drew a few bunny prints on our porch for Emerson to look at. He was excited to see bunny prints and explained to us how the bunny got on our porch. 

That evening once the boys woke up from their naps, we headed over and spent the next few hours dying eggs, doing an Easter egg hunt, and enjoying a nice meal together. Another couple from our small group came over as well and it was nice to spend the evening with them. 

It was a fairly quiet Easter weekend, but it was such a lovely one. I love Easter and all that it is, from the Resurrection, to the pastels, to Easter baskets, to egg hunts. I love it all. I am so thankful for the sacrifice that Christ made for us and that He lives. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter!

Friday, March 25, 2016

five favorite finds

It seems like every single Spring all the cute clothes come out of hiding and I need them all. Not really, but you know. There are lots of cute things I've seen making their way onto the racks and shelves in the stores as of late. Here are just a few that have caught my eye [and that make me wish I had an unlimited budget to get all the things :].

one. sandals. 
I've seen these ones out for a few years now, but have yet to get a pair. I feel like this might be the year. As much as I love a good pair of flip flops, it would be nice to have a pair of cute sandals other than the flip flops I wear day in and out during the Spring and Summer months. Then there's this pair, I think they're super cute, and I even tried a pair on at the store the other day - just to see. I really liked them and they fit so well, even on my chubby foot. But I just can't decide. And then of course, there's these and theseIf I were to get a pair of sandals, how would I choose? Also, watch me end up wearing the same flip flops I wore every day last summer every day this summer.

one // two 

two. dresses.
If only I were in the market for a new dress, I've seen several cute ones already this year, like this one and this one, and find myself wishing I had an excuse to pick one [or all] of them up and add it to my wardrobe. Technically, I could use a nice new dress - Easter is on Sunday and with the exception of one or two years, I've always had a new dress/outfit to wear for Easter. Growing up, my mom would always make my sisters and I matching dresses, then when we were older we'd get to pick one out, and then I just kind of continued that tradition when I was out on my own. It's Easter, so you need an new Easter dress. Right? I don't think Landon understand this. But as I sit here and write this out I'm quickly convincing myself that I do in fact need a new dress. haha. We'll see. But I'm sure like the sandals, I'll end up wearing the same dress I wore last Easter, or rather the one before that since I was pregnant last year and thankfully don't fit in those clothes any more. 

one // two 

three. regular bras. 
In three short months Oliver will be turning one! Holy cow, how is that even possible? Time just goes so quickly by with these little babes it seems. While that will be a bitter sweet day [mostly sweet I'm sure], it will still be sad to see my little nugget a whole year old. One thing that I won't be crying about in three months? Saying good-bye to my nursing bras. I'm so thankful for them and that I've found a style that works [mostly], and I'm so thankful we're still doing strong in the nursing department and I'm hoping to make it to that one year mark. But you best believe that come his birthday, he will be weaned and those nursing bras will be seen no more. I saw a normal bra this morning and thought about how nice it will be to be able to wear ones like that soon. And also about how amazing it will be to have my body back and not have to expose myself every few hours to feed a little nugget [don't get me wrong, I love that we are doing the nursing thing, but I don't love the nursing thing. If that makes any sense. Surely there are others that feel the same way?]. 

four. bags. 
These days, I tote around a nice and big diaper bag full of all the necessities for both boys and myself. While I don't go many places without the diaper bag, if I do have the chance to go somewhere by myself, it's always nice to take a much lighter bag with only a few things I need. Even if it's just me, I still like to have space - just in case. These two caught my eye and I think there super cute. If it were just me and Emerson could get away with just using once of these, but with a baby, it's nice to have an actual diaper bag

one // two 

five.  skirts. 
If you've been around here for long, you may know that love skirts. They're basically all I wear when the weather permits. Love them. I saw this skirt and it took me back to my younger days. What goes around comes around, right? I can't say that I hate it either. I really like it and I think it would be the perfect addition to my skirt collection. How can it be wrong? ...or am I just living in lala land? Also, I saw this one and thought it was fun. I like all the colors, but for some reason the yellow seems to be calling to me. It's bright and fun, perfect for summer. This one and this one looked cute too. And it's at this point I realize all of these things I've shared are from Target - what can I say? That store knows what's what. 

one // two 

I hope you all have a blessed weekend and a wonderful Sunday celebrating Easter and the Risen Savior!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

confession session

Today I thought I'd link up with Jess again, so I'll just get straight to it...

I confess . . . 

- I have a problem when it comes to moving Oliver into the next size clothing. He doesn't fit in 3 month clothing any more? Denial. He's getting too big for his 6 month sleepers? Can't be. So I stuff his poor sweet little body into clothes that I know I should be packing up for storage instead of dressing him in. But last night I realized the boy really needs some proper fitting sleepers. I ought to get on that.

- I had a similar problem with Emerson when he was a little nugget.

- The terrible threes have come to stay at our house a while. Please send help.

- Online shopping is pretty great. I've done it here and there, and a lot more recently, but I'm pretty certain it's going to be the only way I'll be able to shop ever again - for me, for the boys, for Landon. Doesn't matter. The days of inshore shopping are basically over.

- It doesn't bother me too much that my shopping will always and forever have to be done online.

- Landon's birthday was on Tuesday and we haven't really celebrated in true birthday celebration form. His birthday festivities began a few days before his birthday and are still going strong. Just sprinkling out the presents and cake this year.

- Sometimes I'm envious that Landon gets to leave the house. It doesn't matter if it's for work or to go to the gym. Not that I want to do what he is doing, I just want a little escape every now and then.

- I wish we lived closer to family.

- Way back in January or December I mentioned that I ought to start doing ab exercises. Landon was so excited and has been pestering me [with love and jest] about it ever since. Last night he started doing crunches while I sat on the couch reading. Which of course made me feel so guilty. So last night I did abs, and holy cow. I think I'm broken now.

- I hope I can start a new habit of working on my abs, they really need help.

- Sometimes I fill baskets with goodies online and never actually purchase any of it. Most of the time I never buy it. But it's fun to look.

- I agreed to start watching a little boy in May. That's four little people and one me. Four to one. And yes, I know there are lots of mamas out there with four or more littles - how do you do it?! The thought is stressing me out!

- It's been a few years since I've gotten a good bathing suit that fits just right. I'm on the look out for the perfect one this year. So far, this one has caught my eye. Suggestions? I've always liked my belly to be covered, and I'm sticking with that even more now.

Happy Thursday to you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

home sweet home

There really is no place like home. I've always been a homebody, but after having babies I think I'm even more of a homebody than ever before. It's always nice to go on little trips and go visit family and friends, but with two [or one or three or more] littles in tow, it takes everything from you. Or at least from me. 

You may or may not have noticed my absence from this little space the last few days, if you did, thanks! If not, it's all good. The reason for the absence? We took a little trip to Kentucky to visit some family and then made a few stops on our way home because Landon had some meetings lined up. For a three and a half day long trip it took me a day and a half to get ready for it: do laundry, plan, pack... Because with littles in tow, you have to pack all the things: pack n play, sheets, extra sheets [because the one time you don't, there's throw up and extra wet diapers], blankets, towels, extra towels, laundry detergent, stain remover, food, snacks, drinks, sip cups, spoons, bibs, clothes, diapers, wipes... and the list goes on. You get the idea. And because there was uncertainty in the duration of our trip, I had to make sure to pack enough and then more just in case. Lugging all of the things in and out of my in-laws house and then two different hotels was quite the chore!

Not to mention the fact that sleep is basically nonexistent when we aren't home. Emerson has finally kind of gotten to a point that he'll sleep fairly well when we're not at home [thanks in large part to a new discovery I'll share more about later this week], but Oliver is at the age that his bed is the only place he'll sleep mostly well [and even that's a battle]. After Landon's meetings were over, we talked about staying an extra day to take the boys to the zoo and just explore the new place. And then bed time came. And then the middle of the night feeding followed. After eating, Oliver decided to party the rest of the night, so we decided at 3:07 in the morning we were leaving right away. We had to get home. So we drove all the day long to get home and get the boys in bed for a late bedtime. 

Thank goodness we did come home that day. It was the best night of sleep any of us had gotten since Thursday [which is too long to go with no sleep]. We put the boys to bed and they slept and dreamed their sweet dreams in their own beds. We did too. 

Why and how does a baby sleeping in their own bed make such a huge difference? How can they tell it's not their bed [okay, I probably know how, but still...]? Why won't they just sleep anyway? 

Now we're home again and it is so nice ... even if our house looks like our luggage exploded and is waiting to be put away - somewhere - sometime. I will take it. I will take it because I love a routine and consistency. I love happy boys that take naps and sleep well at night. I thrive in it and so do the boys. 

So, if we ever come to visit you, know that we really really love you! Traveling with littles is no simple feat. Which I'm sure you're aware of if you have one or more of your own. But really. I'm ready to never leave our house ever again. Kidding. Kind of. 

But, with all that goes along with traveling, it was nice to see family and do a little exploring as a family. I love that Emerson gets excited about seeing his GeGe and Poppy, Grammy and Papaw, and other family. I love that when we were pulling out of Landon's parents driveway, Emerson stretched his arms out towards their house screaming and crying, "Poppy! Poppy! Poppy! GeGe!" with big fat crocodile tears rolling down his checks, because that's how much he loves them. I love that while there he would wake up and ask to see Landon's Papaw and play with him. I love that Oliver was held and loved on constantly - and that he still wanted to be in my arms most of the time ;). I love that we are give sweet surprises. I love that we can sit and talk with Landon's parents and watch basketball [or rather, that Landon can watch all the basketball he wants :]. I love that memories are being made and that love is filling the house. I love that everyone at church comes to say hi and see us and the boys. I love that the great-grandparents come over to see the boys and have different meals with us. I love that Emerson gets to play with his Poppy and GeGe the whole time and that I don't have to worry about him getting enough play time/attention. 

So as much as a hassle planning, packing, driving, and sleeping can be, it is always wonderful to look back and know that fun was had and sweet memories were made. 

It is also always, so good to be home again.