Friday, March 4, 2016

a break, surprise gifts, and cute finds

Hello, Friday! It's happy to see you!

one. a sneak peek 
Though unplanned and unexpected, I've had this whole week off. Even though it was due to a very sick baby and then a sick toddler, it's still been nice just having the days with my two little guys. It's a glimpse at what next year will look like for us and it's making me all kinds of excited. Little tease of a week. Thankfully, Oliver has perked right back up, has a spark in his eyes, a big ol' toothy grin on his face, lots of hair pulling, and sloppy wet kisses for me all the day long again. Oh how I missed that! He's still congested, and I feel like that will last a while yet, but he's happy and much healthier. And Emerson's better too, thank goodness he was only sick the two times he was. I have enjoyed our days so much this week and am thankful for the time to spend recuperating and focusing on the little nuggets.

two. surprise dinner. 
Two nights ago our small group leader's wife sent me a text telling me that we should come to small group if Oliver was feeling better. He wasn't at that point and it was the day Emerson had been sick. So I told her we were still a bunch of sickos and would have to stay home. Then she told me she was going to bring me dinner the next night. Even after my objections to her doing that, she insisted and last night she stopped by with dinner. And it was so nice. It was so nice not having to worry about fixing dinner, cleaning up, deciding what to make in the first place. If only dinner could arrive at my doorstep like that every night...

three. swimming. 
In a few weeks we're going to have the opportunity to go swimming! I'm so very excited to take Oliver swimming for the first time and to watch Emerson splash and swim in the pool. In anticipation of the swimming to come I realized that Oliver doesn't have any swimwear, so I started looking around and ohmygoodness, there are some adorable finds out there! ... and apparently I have a current obsession with pineapples...

four. Spring time 
After having such a yucky week, I am ready for Spring. It didn't help [or maybe it did help?] when I took the boys out to Target the other day and found the mother load in the Dollar Spot. Usually I'm really good at admiring all the things, picking them up, and then putting them back on the shelf. Not the other day though. I think was was desperate for some cheer. When I found one perfectly spring thing after the other, I couldn't help myself and I picked a few things up and brought them home with me. And I'm glad I did. It brightens our space and makes me smile every time I see them. Even Landon noticed right away [which is rare] and commented on how much he liked them and how he thought I did a good job decorating and making it look grown up/sophisticated. Which made me really happy. And also made me want to get more pretty things to fix the rest of our house and make it look equally nice and grown up.

five. a gift card 
This morning I had to run a few errands, and as much as I despise the task, I decided to make the most of it and hope that Oliver would nap while we were out and about. He did, but it was a short one. And thankfully there were only a few little fits from the older one, so that was good. Anyhow, as I was making the most of it I decided I ought to just look and see what Old Navy had in store. I browsed around for a little bit and spotted two cute dresses and some cute little pants. After trying them on, I thought one of the dresses was cute. It also happened to be on sale and when I looked in my wallet I found a gift card to Old Navy, though I have no idea where or when it's from. But, I had it and I figured, why not use it? I loved the way the dress fit and hung on my body. It's cute and modest and I think it'll be perfect for every day wear this spring and summer. Granted, it's still too cold to really wear it much right now, and it's not ideal for nursing, but when Oliver is finished nursing, or is down to two feedings a day, I think I'll get to wear it more.

I'll stop there for today. I hope you all have a good weekend and stay healthy!


Courtney said...

Those swimsuits!!! I love.

And yay for friends bringing you dinner! how fantastic :) I'm glad everyone is finally feeling better. What a relief!

Amy said...

I love that dress! I had to buy Wyatt a swimsuit, too! Well, the Easter Bunny is bringing it. ;)

Our Pretty Little Girls said...

Love the dress, love those swimsuits and surprise dinners are my favorite. Hope you had a great weekend.

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

So glad that Oliver is feeling better!! Thank goodness!

And also, that bathing suit with the pineapples - OMG! So cute!

I hope you guys have a better week this week!!

Lindsay's Sweet World

Megan said...

I love when friends step up and help out when everyone is sick! How nice to have such awesome people in your life. And yes to SPRING! I can't wait either :)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

I love the Target Dollar Spot. I just can't resist those things!
I hope your kids are feeling better. XOXO