Thursday, March 10, 2016


Unlike most days, I had a planned post for today - Oliver's 9 month update! Because he's 9 months old today! How in the world has it been nine months already? Anyhow, my big plans kind of crumbled when I realized that I really really have to delete pictures from my computer before I can upload any more. Like, there is no more space available on my hard drive and I keep getting little reminders to delete files so I'll have room for stuff. It's a good thing I'm all about these monthly updates because that's some serious motivation for me to go though my pictures, triple check that they are backed up to at least two or three other sources, and then delete them. So instead of a 9 month update of my little nugget, I'm changing plans and am going to join Jess again for some confessions. The update will be up on Monday at the latest. it has to be... 

I confess . . . 

// the one time I had plans for a post, they fell through. whomp whomp.

// I really need to work up the courage to delete pictures off my hard drive. Why is it so hard?

// also, I think I'm going to finally purge my closet and really get rid of things that I don't wear/haven't worn in a while, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" style. Not that I've read the book, but... I've heard the gist.

// we are [really really] sleep training right now. I found a new method to try and it actually seems doable. ... I'll let you know in about a week how it turns out.

// I'm good about starting projects. Finishing them? Not as much. Unless it's something I'm really excited about.

// ice cream doesn't even sound appealing to me any more.

// I've been looking at all the cute little Spring clothes for the boys and I want to buy them all.

// my boys dress better than I do most days.

// I have set off the smoke detector more times in this house than in the past ten years, which was never. I don't know what it is about this house, but our smoke detector is so sensitive! And the food is never burt, it just goes off. I say it's due to the extremely cheap appliances that we have. But we rent so what can we do?

// In setting the smoke detector off about once every other week, Emerson is now terrified and comes running to me when the kitchen timer goes off because it's a loud beeping sound. Whoops.

// Sometimes I take pictures and never share/use them [I foresee a future blog post...]

// I wish we had two cars instead of just one.

... and we'll stop there. I just hope Oliver will forgive me one day for having to postpone his monthly update a few days. I have it, but I need pictures to go along with it, so we will wait.


Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I just purged my closet after reading that book and it looks and feels fantastic! I thought for sure that I would regret getting rid of some of the things that I got rid of, but NOPE, I don't. You should definitely do it!

Amy said...

I need to do some purging, too. So does Luke. Do tell about the new sleep training method you're using, please. I'm all ears. I need all the info / help I can get. Hope you had a nice weekend!