Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter baskets

Easter may have been on Sunday, but before it gets too far behind us, I wanted to make sure to share a glimpse into Emerson and Oliver's Easter baskets. I've done this ever since we celebrated Emerson's first Easter and I wanted to continue doing that, even if it is after Easter. At least they got to dig through their baskets on Sunday, right? 

Usually I try to keep the goodies inside the Easter basket simple and practical. This year I tried to do that again, though I know a few things made their way in the baskets just for fun. There's no harm in that though.

Last year after Easter, I went to the store in search of a few goodies I could bring out this year. I was able to find a basket for Oliver and a few other Easter goodies for a steal, so I was excited to bring them out this year. For Oliver I tried to stick with things I knew he needed and liked. Since he's just a little nugget, I knew candy wouldn't be in there, but I wanted him to have some sort of yummy treat, thus the Puffs. He looooves Puffs. Recently he's started boycotting all baby food and only eating Puffs. I grabbed a few to put in his basket and that's the thing he was most excited about. 

He also really likes the bunny, especially when I make him hop and play with him. Pacis, a sippy cup [maybe this one will be the one?], some shoes, a bath toy, a swim suit, and a few empty bunny eggs just because, also made the basket this year. For a little nugget, it's not too bad I think.  

The older Emerson gets, the tricker it is to decide what to put in his basket. I just see so many things that I know he would like or need. My practical side usually wins out in the end but I had to include a few must have Easter treats: Peeps and Reese's pieces and eggs. Some Pez and fruit snacks were added in for good measure.

He loves to be outside when the weather is nice and he loves to help us with anything we do. Last summer he was all about helping Landon with the garden, so when I saw a little watering can and gardening tool just his size for a few dollars, those were quick to make it into his basket. I know he'll love using them and gardening this summer. 

A plate, some silverware, and sippy cup, and a little notepad with crayons made their way into his basket as well. Good and useful things. Like I said, I like to keep things practical. He was super excited about them and as soon as he saw them, he brought them over to me and told me to put them in the kitchen. That boy...

Of course you have to have a something for fun in the basket too, which is where two little dinosaurs from "The Good Dinosaur" came in. Earlier in the week we had gone to the store and of course, had to look at the toys. He kept pointing at pretty much everything and when I handed it to him, he'd look at it a second then want to put it back. Then I he pointed to the dinosaurs, I handed him a box to look at and he held on to that thing the rest of the shopping trip.

We usually don't buy the toys or books he looks at while we shop, but I added the little toy dinosaurs to everything else I was getting while checking out and then promptly hid them and later lied about not having them when he asked where his dinosaurs were at. I told him we had to leave them at the store. uhhh... Yeah, so I was excited to add something to his basket that I knew he liked and to give him a new little toy.

He was pretty excited about the dinosaurs too, they have names and they go most places with him. We've never seen that movie, but I have a feeling that one day in the near future, we'll have to get it to watch with him. Have any of you seen it? Good? Bad? Cute? Weird? Thoughts?

Anyhow, those are the boy's Easter baskets this year, and Oliver's very first Easter basket! It was so much fun getting these ready for the boys and watching them go through them. Also, those two things of Puffs Oliver got on Sunday morning? There's about one cup left of them. Yeah, the boy goes through them. I hope that's not a bad thing?

If you made it this far, you should get a prize! But seriously, I've been enjoying reading about your Easters and love getting glimpses of your baskets if you share them!


Sparkles and Lattes said...

I love all the stuff you got them. Cute baskets too!!!

Heather said...

These Easter Baskets are adorable! I love all of the fun and practical non-candy stuff (not that candy isn't great too!). Kids are so funny in what makes them happy-- my nephew asked for bubble wrap and only bubble wrap for his 4th birthday. Go figure!

Also, I may be one of the few adults in the world who still enjoys a peep from time to time, so seeing them in your baskets just gave me a craving for them!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

That is so sweet that Emerson likes to help you in the garden. Jacob and Olivia have found a recent love for that as well since Brian's mom gardens. What a great idea to get him his own little watering can!

Vanessa Esperanza said...

Awww love the baskets! xo

Amy said...

So cute! Love the monogram's too! You made great choices!