Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Easter is just the best. I just love that it's always been a day of celebration. Even when I was a little girl I remember loving celebrating Easter. It's one of my favorites. This weekend we enjoyed a really nice Easter weekend and did a few little fun activities to celebrate too. And because I couldn't narrow it down too much more I did, there are loads of pictures in this post! Sorry, but not really! :)

Friday night we had dinner together and then once the boys were in bed Landon and I watched a movie and then headed to bed. It was nice to sit down and watch a movie with Landon, we used to do it more often, and it felt like it had been too long. 

Oliver woke around 5 and ate when he went back down, I debated going back to bed or staying up and just starting my day. I decided to crawl back under the covers and let the boys wake me up at their usual waking hour of 6. Miracle of miracles, both of the boys slept until after 7 o'clock that morning. I woke up a little before them, but we took our time getting ready that morning. Once we were all finally ready and had finished breakfast, we headed out to run a few errands. By the time we came home it was just about lunch time, so the boys played while I fixed lunch, which was followed by naps. I love nap time. Especially when both of the boys take naps at the same time. 

During their nap time I did some long overdue cleaning and then I got their Easter baskets ready for the next morning. It was nice to just sit for a little bit and get some things done around the house. Although, as it always happens, the nice cleaning and tidying up I'd done didn't last for long. Saturday night wasn't very eventful, so much so that I hardly remember what we did. hah. 
Even though our church doesn't have a sunrise service, I was up at dawn with Oliver and decided to go ahead and stay up. I got ready, fixed muffins for breakfast, hid the Easter baskets, and had my quiet time. Once the boys were awake we went downstairs to let them find their Easter baskets. Emerson loved that he had to look for his basket and once he found his he was sure to help Oliver, mostly because he didn't want Oliver getting into his basket. 

I filled their baskets with a few goodies this year, a few candies for Emerson, Puffs for Oliver, a little toy or two for each of them, sippy cups, and a few other things I picked up over the past few months. As soon as Oliver saw his basket he started crawling over to it, then he saw the Puffs sticking out and grabbed those first. He rolled around on the floor with the Puffs container for most of the morning. The boy loves Puffs. Emerson went through his basket so carefully and put everything back in it. It was the complete opposite of how he ripped through is presents at Christmas and his birthday. 

We enjoyed breakfast together and then got ready for church. Ever since moving to Illinois, we've gone to the park before going to church on Easter Sunday so I can take pictures. This year we were running quite late, so the pictures had to wait until after the service. Thankfully the weather was still nice, even a little warmer, after church and the park was basically deserted, so Emerson was able to run around a little bit and we could get some pictures of the boys. 

By the time we got home it was a little late to start on our Easter dinner and have it ready before naps, so we had a little lunch and put the boys down for nap time a little earlier than usual. The couple that leads our small group called  right around nap time and invited us over for dinner, so instead of making a meal during nap time, I made some cookies to take with us. Easy peasy. 

I think the Easter Bunny is cute and fun, but we don't really talk about him much around here. We share what Easter is truly about and why is is such a day worth celebrating. Emerson and I had been reading "The Story of Easter" [which by the way is the best Easter story for little ones I've found. We love it!] a lot in the weeks leading up to Easter, because I want him to know what Jesus did for us. But, I think bunnies are the cutest, so I couldn't resist and drew a few bunny prints on our porch for Emerson to look at. He was excited to see bunny prints and explained to us how the bunny got on our porch. 

That evening once the boys woke up from their naps, we headed over and spent the next few hours dying eggs, doing an Easter egg hunt, and enjoying a nice meal together. Another couple from our small group came over as well and it was nice to spend the evening with them. 

It was a fairly quiet Easter weekend, but it was such a lovely one. I love Easter and all that it is, from the Resurrection, to the pastels, to Easter baskets, to egg hunts. I love it all. I am so thankful for the sacrifice that Christ made for us and that He lives. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter!


Amy said...

Such adorable pictures, Hannah! The one of you & the boys is precious! The weather looks lovely, too!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Hannah, these pictures are perfect! And the bow ties! I die! They are just too much! Glad that you guys had a great weekend.

Courtney said...

I thought it couldn't get any cuter than watching them go through their Easter baskets but then I got to their BOW TIES! Cutest post everrrr!!!

Callie said...

Oh my goodness, their little Easter outfits! <3

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I love their matching outfits. So darling!