Friday, March 25, 2016

five favorite finds

It seems like every single Spring all the cute clothes come out of hiding and I need them all. Not really, but you know. There are lots of cute things I've seen making their way onto the racks and shelves in the stores as of late. Here are just a few that have caught my eye [and that make me wish I had an unlimited budget to get all the things :].

one. sandals. 
I've seen these ones out for a few years now, but have yet to get a pair. I feel like this might be the year. As much as I love a good pair of flip flops, it would be nice to have a pair of cute sandals other than the flip flops I wear day in and out during the Spring and Summer months. Then there's this pair, I think they're super cute, and I even tried a pair on at the store the other day - just to see. I really liked them and they fit so well, even on my chubby foot. But I just can't decide. And then of course, there's these and theseIf I were to get a pair of sandals, how would I choose? Also, watch me end up wearing the same flip flops I wore every day last summer every day this summer.

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two. dresses.
If only I were in the market for a new dress, I've seen several cute ones already this year, like this one and this one, and find myself wishing I had an excuse to pick one [or all] of them up and add it to my wardrobe. Technically, I could use a nice new dress - Easter is on Sunday and with the exception of one or two years, I've always had a new dress/outfit to wear for Easter. Growing up, my mom would always make my sisters and I matching dresses, then when we were older we'd get to pick one out, and then I just kind of continued that tradition when I was out on my own. It's Easter, so you need an new Easter dress. Right? I don't think Landon understand this. But as I sit here and write this out I'm quickly convincing myself that I do in fact need a new dress. haha. We'll see. But I'm sure like the sandals, I'll end up wearing the same dress I wore last Easter, or rather the one before that since I was pregnant last year and thankfully don't fit in those clothes any more. 

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three. regular bras. 
In three short months Oliver will be turning one! Holy cow, how is that even possible? Time just goes so quickly by with these little babes it seems. While that will be a bitter sweet day [mostly sweet I'm sure], it will still be sad to see my little nugget a whole year old. One thing that I won't be crying about in three months? Saying good-bye to my nursing bras. I'm so thankful for them and that I've found a style that works [mostly], and I'm so thankful we're still doing strong in the nursing department and I'm hoping to make it to that one year mark. But you best believe that come his birthday, he will be weaned and those nursing bras will be seen no more. I saw a normal bra this morning and thought about how nice it will be to be able to wear ones like that soon. And also about how amazing it will be to have my body back and not have to expose myself every few hours to feed a little nugget [don't get me wrong, I love that we are doing the nursing thing, but I don't love the nursing thing. If that makes any sense. Surely there are others that feel the same way?]. 

four. bags. 
These days, I tote around a nice and big diaper bag full of all the necessities for both boys and myself. While I don't go many places without the diaper bag, if I do have the chance to go somewhere by myself, it's always nice to take a much lighter bag with only a few things I need. Even if it's just me, I still like to have space - just in case. These two caught my eye and I think there super cute. If it were just me and Emerson could get away with just using once of these, but with a baby, it's nice to have an actual diaper bag

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five.  skirts. 
If you've been around here for long, you may know that love skirts. They're basically all I wear when the weather permits. Love them. I saw this skirt and it took me back to my younger days. What goes around comes around, right? I can't say that I hate it either. I really like it and I think it would be the perfect addition to my skirt collection. How can it be wrong? ...or am I just living in lala land? Also, I saw this one and thought it was fun. I like all the colors, but for some reason the yellow seems to be calling to me. It's bright and fun, perfect for summer. This one and this one looked cute too. And it's at this point I realize all of these things I've shared are from Target - what can I say? That store knows what's what. 

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I hope you all have a blessed weekend and a wonderful Sunday celebrating Easter and the Risen Savior!

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Vanessa said...

Going back to a regular bra is the BEST! Hooray! I'm totally loving the longer skirt trend right now...and those gladiator sandals are SO cute! I'll be keeping an eye out at my next Target run ;)