Tuesday, March 1, 2016

four visits to the doctor and the ER

You know how our weekends are always so exciting and filled with fun things like grocery shopping and laundry? Well, such was not the case for us this past weekend. This weekend was a far cry from our normal, quite, weekend, and I pray we never have another one like it.

On Thursday morning Oliver woke up and was just really sluggish. When I set him down to get Emerson ready, instead of rolling and scooting around like he normally does he just laid in the same place and whimpered. I held him all morning and any time I had to set him down he would look at me with his sad little eyes, whimper, and not move from where I set him down. By ten that morning he had a fever and it grew higher and higher as the day went on and he grew more sluggish. He laid on me all day long and was just so very pitiful. I called his doctor once the big kids were taking their naps to ask some questions and to possibly make an appointment. After talking with the nurse I just decided I should take him in, so that afternoon I bundled him up and took him in to see the doctor. She was concerned as soon as she saw him and gave him a dose of Motrin. After waiting to see how he did with it and if it brought his fever down, we headed to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for him. Once we were home he perked up a bit and he ate a little bit for dinner. Before bed that night I gave him some medicine which he promptly threw up - everywhere. We were both a mess so I changed really quickly and got him in the bath. I knew he felt terrible, but when he just whimpered while in the bath, I knew he felt awful, boy loves his bath!

That night he hardly slept and when he did, it was while I was holding him. He wouldn't nurse at all that night and had barely eaten anything all day. I knew he had to be hungry, but he was just not eating anything. Since we had such a rough night I decided I would call his doctor first thing in the morning and take him back in. But, the office didn't open until 8 [which is still early] and he looked and sounded awful. I had a feeling while getting ready that morning that I should go ahead and call the nurse advisory line, so I did. After giving her some background information and answering dozens of questions, she asked if it was him she heard breathing, it was. And then she said,  "You need to call 911." What?! That freaked me out, but I called and talked to a guy for all of a minute before I told him we could drive to the ER ourselves. I ran through the house, grabbed a few things, and then headed to the ER with Oliver looking and sounding like a shell of a nugget.

We were checked in and then taken back to a room. It was slow going that day and we did a lot of waiting. After a doctor came and saw Oliver, he ordered an IV for him along with a few other tests and things for him. Oh my sweet goodness. Those nurses were amazing, putting in IV in an 8 month old is no easy feat. Oliver had been limp and lethargic, but once they kept fooling with his arm and got that IV in, he was alert and fighting like I'd never seen before. He did not like it one bit, understandably so.  Even after the IV was in Oliver kept fighting to free his arm, it was awful. I had to hold him and the IV cord a certain way so it wouldn't keep coming out and stopping and to keep him calm. Not an easy thing to do. At one point one of the cords got so out of place the nurse had to come and re-attach it, thankfully she didn't need to stick him again. They did a few labs, took an x-ray, and continued to come poke and check on him every so often. He was exhausted, but of course couldn't get solid sleep because of all the commotion.

The doctor that was taking care of Oliver wanted to get the pediatrician's opinion and have him look at Oliver too. That was fine with me, the more doctors to look at him, the better. It took the pediatrician about five hours to come see Oliver. [not an exaggeration]. Waiting with a baby who couldn't sleep because he was uncomfortable, who had an IV in his arm, and couldn't move it freely even during the times he wasn't getting extra fluids, and trying to nurse him occasionally was no joke. Oh my goodness. At one point Oliver was just pitiful and I prayed and prayed that the doctor would be in soon. I asked friends and family to pray for Oliver. And low and behold, he appeared not too long after that. The power of prayer I tell ya. It was a scary way to spend our day; but thankfully he calmed down, the doctor came, and we were eventually sent home, although I didn't think he was ready to go home, we were released and sent on our way with instructions and things to look for that might be reason to go back. By the time we got home Emerson had been napping for a while already, but I was so exhausted that I had to lay down. Landon went out to run some errands and get some work done, and I hoped that I would get at least ten minutes of rest before the little tornado woke up. God must have known I needed rest, because that afternoon Emerson napped until five o'clock. I felt a little more energized, scrapped something together for dinner and called it a night. Friday night Oliver slept better than he had the night before and he was kind of but not really taking liquids and he still wasn't nursing or having wet diapers.

Saturday he didn't show any signs of improvement, he laid on me all day long, and whimpered the most pitiful cry if I had to lay him down for a second. I wasn't sure how I was going to take care of him and Emerson; but Bee's mom invited Emerson over to play and I took her up on her offer. I'm so glad I did! I'm not very good at letting others help, but I was beyond my limit and knew that I couldn't do it alone. I was able to take care of Oliver [lay on my bed while he laid on my chest] better and it was nice that I didn't have to worry about giving Emerson the attention I knew he needed and wanted. Landon was able to go get some work done and then picked Emerson up and took him out to lunch and came home for nap time. Unfortunately he didn't nap at all, but at least he had some quite play time in his room. We made it through the rest of the day in a blur and got Emerson to bed. Oliver had a really rough night and still wasn't taking fluids or having enough wet diapers. We tried giving him a sippy cup, a bottle, and then a syringe to feed him and give him other liquids. But he refused it all and fought what medicine we did give him.

After another sleepless night, I felt like I needed to call the doctor because he just wasn't improving and seemed even worse than before. I spoke with the same nurse I had when I called on Friday and she remembered me and got a pediatrician on the line for me to speak with. The doctor wanted to see Oliver, which was what I was wanting too, so less than an hour later I was headed back to the doctor. She checked him out and then diagnosed him with a bilateral ear infection. She was also really concerned with his fluid intake, or rather lack thereof. We stayed at the office for a while, me doing my best to get something in his system, though what little I got in he managed to spit right back out. Even with that, she sent us home with a prescription for the ear infection. At home, we gave him the medicine and he ate a tiny bit [like 3 mls] of milk, and then thew it all up. He wasn't getting better, he still wasn't taking any fluids, and I was pumping each time he was supposed to nurse because I was fearful of drying up [and I am oh so thankful for a good pump].

That night once Emerson was in bed I headed upstairs to shower and change, although I knew I probably wouldn't get much sleep. Before I had finished getting ready for bed, Landon came upstairs with Oliver limp in his arms. He told me he was really worried about him and thought we should take him back in. He said that he'd shifted Oliver and sat him up on his lap, and Oliver had just slumped forward and had dull eyes. He also hadn't had a wet diaper since earlier that morning. We called our friend who happens to be a pediatric nurse and manages the pediatric floor at the hospital, he thought it sounded like we should take him in as well. I threw some jeans on, buckled Oliver back in his carseat, and headed to the hospital, again. It was 11:30 or so. The ER was a busy place that night and we had to wait for a while before getting back to a room and even longer for a doctor to come in and see us. After talking with the doctor about what was going on he decided to try a different medicine and see if it would help. It was a long night of trying to get Oliver to take medicine and fluids. Around four that morning we headed home. While I was praying this would be the worst of it and that he'd get better soon, I was also feeling like they should have done more for him since he just wasn't taking any fluids or having wet diapers.

We got home and Oliver wouldn't sleep or eat anything, it was a rough few hours, but Landon took a turn holding Oliver so I could at least get a little bit of sleep. After crying for a few hours with Landon, he finally fell asleep for me and then he slept all day long. Another one of our friends asked if Emerson could come play with her kiddos, to which we said yes. So Landon took Emerson to meet a friend and Oliver and I stayed at home to get more rest. It was a long day but by yesterday evening Oliver started to perk up a little bit. He didn't sleep that well last night, but he slept, and he wasn't as lethargic as he had been.

It seems as though he is finally on the mend and has started rolling around when I set him down for a minute or two. Though he's still not sleeping that well, or sleeping in his bed when he does sleep, he seems in better spirits.

I just keep praying for his healing and that before too long he'll be back to his curious and wiggly little self. Today he has been nursing more and keeping the medicine we've been giving him down better. He's also had a few wet diapers! Very exciting stuff after seeing him go far too long with no wet diapers at all.

And that's where we're at. I hope to goodness you all had better weekends than we did!


Jessica (The Newly) said...

Goodness, Hannah. My heart just dropped while reading this. I know that it must have been so, so, so scary for you! I remember when Vivian exhibited many of the same symptoms that you've described with Oliver, and we ended up in the ER as well. She ended up being diagnosed with a virus that caused her to become severely dehydrated and then because of that, extremely lethargic. It was so very scary seeing her with no desire to move and explore! Wonder if little Oliver had a virus as well? It's so scary and hard dealing with sick babies when they can't tell us what's wrong. But so very glad that Oliver seems to be on the mend and hope that you can all catch up on rest soon!

Jillian said...

This is so terrifying! I hate that you all, and poor Oliver, have had such a rough time with whatever it was that he had! Glad to hear he's getting some energy back. So scary and always heartbreaking to have a little one feel so miserable. Prayers for you all!

Amy said...

Oh, Hannah. I'm so, so sorry that you & Oliver had to go through all of that. Such a scary feeling. I pray that he's on the mend & is doing better!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Oh Hannah, I know you have probably been a wreck the last few days. I'm so glad that he's doing better. I will keep him in my prayers for sure.

We had a bad scare with Jacob just shy of his second birthday, but his was for croup. He woke up in the middle of the night crying and then just stopped breathing because his airways were swollen shut. I called 911 immediately and then we had to watch him as he became lethargic. It scared me to death because I thought he was going to die. Fortunately the ambulance got there quickly and they were able to help him, but his oxygen levels were dangerously low. When we got to the hospital, they gave him a steroid to kill the swelling and inflammation. We ended up staying over night and then by the next day he was fine, thank goodness.

Did they ever say what exactly was wrong with Oliver besides the ear infections? Do they think he had some kind of virus?

Courtney said...

OH that poor sweet baby boy! These pictures brought tears to my eyes- I can't imagine how desperate and scared you must have been feeling. I'm so sorry!!

And to not have any real answers as to why he was acting/feeling that way??? Not cool!

Callie said...

Oh my goodness, how scary! I am so glad he is doing better now, and praying that he continues to improve!

kelseylynae said...

So scary. When they get lethargic it's super scary, not that I've ever experienced anything quite like this! Poor little think. I really hope you've seen the end of it. Hang in there. And may the Peace that surpasses all understanding be by your side.

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I am so sorry this has been going on. I feel so bad for him. And it is the hardest to go to the doctors, the hospital and then the doctors over and over again and find out nothing. I am so glad he is starting to feel better. There is nothing worse than your children being that sick. Poor little guy. My heart hurts for you and your family. Hopefully the worst of it has passed.