Thursday, March 31, 2016

fuzzy brained confessions

My time is limited today, the nugget is not feeling well [again] and fighting sleep, so who knows how long I'll have before he wakes up.

I confess . . .

- I have two pairs of jeans that actually fit me.

- Of those two pairs, I basically only wear one of them.

- There are four baskets worth of clean clothes in a mountain on my bed right now. A load in the dryer, another load in the washing machine, and a basket full of folded clothes waiting to be put away. The struggle is real.

- Sometimes I think, "no more babies!" That thought usually runs through my head when Oliver is up partying all night long, fighting sleep and me, yanking my hair out of my ponytail and waving it around his head, and pinching me with his incredibly strong little fingers.

- when he wakes up happy and is all giggles and smiles and we play and he laughs his belly laughs, I think, "More babies! Sign me up!"

- My emotions get the better of me.

- There are about a dozen crates of baby food on our kitchen floor, and Oliver won't eat any of it.

- Oliver's clothes are not fitting as well as they used to ... but I have yet to get him ones that actually fit right.

- We are planning to go on an actual date - soon! I have the number for a babysitter and everything She's one of the Sunday School teachers at our church, loves our boys, and they seem to really like her too. Plus, she's super nice. Now we just need to actually go on a date.

- That date keeps getting postponed every time Oliver gets sick. Surprise surprise, he's sick again.

- I realize most of these are about Oliver...

- - - - -

I'll stop there for today. My mind it half asleep right now; I blame it on being up more than half the night with the nugget. Also, he just woke up from a super long, 20 minute afternoon nap. Please note the sarcasm.

Happy Thursday to you!


Sparkles and Lattes said...

I have a lot of baby food that the girls didn't eat either. They literally stopped eating them one day and now I have a ton left. Ugh. I should donate it to other moms. When my girls are happy, I think I want more, but then they are crazy or cranky and I say nope.

Courtney said...

I have so much clean laundry piled up right now it's not even funny.

Well, it's actually a little funny. It's a literal mountain. Eh, at least it's clean!

Jessica (The Newly) said...

I used to go back and forth on wanting another baby too...well, haha! Joke was on me since baby #3 is on its way, lol! B and I are looking at it as just adding a bit more crazy to our crazy. Knocking it all out at once!:)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I hope Oliver feels better soon and that you get that date night once he does! XOXO
I have 4 kids and most of the time I am SO done. Then tonight, I saw a fellow mom of 4 that I know, and she was rocking a baby bump. I confess that I felt a little bit jealous.

Cheryl said...

Bless your dear heart, Hannah. My heart goes out to you...yes, dear friend, the struggle surely is real. The days are long, and the years are short. May Jesus lift you in those moments of overwhelm and fill your heart and mind and body with His everlasting strength. You are doing a GREAT job, and don't even forget that. Those clean piles of laundry are a testimony to the faithful wife and mother you are. Keep fighting the good fight...God is so pleased with you.

Amy said...

Hoping Oliver is feeling better soon! Poor little buddy. Poor mama!

I'm good with 2. 2 is a good number for us. haha!