Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Confessions

Happy St. Patrick's Day! There is something just so fun and happy about this holiday and it's one of my favorites! We don't do much to celebrate, but I love it just the same. I thought I'd play along with Jess again today for some confessions.

I confess . . . 

- I love corned beef and cabbage. But there's a certain someone in my house that shall remain nameless, that doesn't like it. So I don't get to enjoy its tastiness. What a shame.

- Landon's been gone for another work trip/conference and I am so glad he is finally home again!

- I don't like alcohol in any form: wine/beer/champagne. I just don't.

- I've never actually tried beer. I've been to a beer making factory [fun fact of the day] and the smell just turns me off.

- It'd be awesome to have a few chickens one day, though, I really don't like chickens. I just want them for their eggs :)

- For some reason, I've always thought that today would be the best day to have a birthday. If I could have picked my own birthday, it would've been March 17. If your birthday is today you are sooo cool, I'm jealous, and of course, Happy Birthday!

- I keep thinking of things I could get to fill Oliver and Emerson's Easter baskets - but refrain from actually getting them.

- Most days I'm ready for Landon to be done with his PhD.

- The weekly rotation of meals I fix for dinner is on a short repeat no longer, I've finally found some more simple meals to add in to it.

- The boys weren't in bed until after 10 o'clock last night and I cannot wait for nap time to get here.

- Sunshine, cool light breezes, green grass, and blue skies has my heart going pitter patter.

- Holidays are motivators for me to do a specific craft with the littles - shamrocks and rainbows it is!

- As much as I've flown in my life, I really hate it.

- Potty training makes me crazy sometimes.

And that's all I've got for today. I'd love to hear some things you're bursting to share, here in the comments or at the link up with Jess.


Jenn said...

I think today would be a great birthday too! I am so jealous of the St. Paddys day babies-its such a neat day!
I'm not a super fan of alcohol either..a beer here or there (or some arbor mist..alchohol juice as I call it haha) works just fine for me! When I was pregnant, I missed deli turkey meat and a cold hoagie more than I missed alcohol!

Jess -Little Bits of Joy Blog said...

We had chickens growing up and it was so fun!!! I want to have them again some day... and you get so many eggs!!! A hen will lay 1-2 eggs a day!! You end up trying to give them away to people. :-)

Amy said...

Luke would love to have a chicken coop! I thought Emerson was in undies? I'm so glad that Landon is back home! Have a great weekend!

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I can't believe you have never tried beer. So crazy. But awesome for you. I am so glad Landon is back home. I hope he finishes his PHD soon. Have a good weekend!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Oh girl - potty training! AAAAHHHH! It's awful. Just plain awful. Jacob is FINALLY, FINALLY pooping on the potty consistently and now it's almost time to train Olivia. I don't even want to! Lol.

Hi, I'm Susannah! said...

Heehee. These confessions are great! I want chickens too!!!!!

Courtney said...

I want chickens too! But I also know that would be like the worst thing for me ever. I'd end up hating it lol. Animals and poop and extra cleaning...nah. Not really for me.

On that note. Potty training is the worst.