Wednesday, March 9, 2016

little gifts [242 - 258]

Some how the last few days have slipped by so quickly and I'm saying hello to Wednesday. It's kind of nice. Last week seemed to drag on forever, this week has a little more pep to it. We've still been sticking pretty close to home as Oliver is still recovering, but thankfully he is doing so much better. I've been trying to get a few chores and other things ticked off my to do list the last few days, but I'm happy to be back here in this little space that I've come to love.

The more I write out little gifts, the more I see them and find them in the every day. It's become something I love doing - writing these gifts out and looking for them in the mundane. For this week, here's my little list of blessings...

source unknown

242. birthday gift shopping for the hubs

243. the fresh light colors that come in Spring

244. brothers reading books together

245. stickers with bunnies, lambs, frogs, and flowers

246. finding a deal on baby food [12 jars for $3!]

247. walks in the sunshine 

248. when your baby finally falls asleep in his own bed

249. a week of staying dry [for Emerson]

250. hearing, "what I can do net [next]?" from Emerson when I'm fixing dinner.

251. green grass

252. rain drops falling outside my window

253. sitting outside in the sunshine, watching two little people run around and make blueberry pie

254. toothy grins

255. a glimpse of what is to come

256. wind whispering around me

257. planning visits to see family

258. ticking things off a to-do list

That's where I'll stop for today. What are some blessings in your life right now?

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Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

OMG, I wish that I could say that one of my little gifts is birthday shopping for my hubs, but HE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY FOR! I always dread his birthday and Christmas. Lol.