Thursday, March 3, 2016

oh just some confessions

This week is forever long and I'm ready for it to be over. Mostly for the sickness to leave our house. You all knew Oliver was sick, he's on the mend now but still has a bad cough and congestion, the other night Emerson threw up twice [but no more, fingers crossed!], Landon has a cold, and now I have a sore throat and a little congestion too. Can we all just feel better? Please? 

Anyhow, so you don't have to listen to me go on and complain I thought I'd join Jess again and share some confessions.

I confess . . . 

- sometimes I kind of doze off/fall asleep while Emerson is playing nearby. Whoops. 

- I try to get myself to go to bed before 10 or later at night, but I really like the down time after the boys are in bed, even if it's just reading what I want, crocheting, or watching a show. And then in the middle of the night or when morning comes, I wish I'd gone to bed sooner. 

- I shower at night and don't like when I have to wait for the morning to shower. 

- waking sleeping babies is against my religion. 

- if I could get away with drinking lots and lots and lots of coffee or other caffeinated source each day, I would. 

- I want a nanny, even though my job is being at home with the boys and taking care of our home. 

- more and more pre-school is looking pretty appealing to me. I never really understood it before, but the older Emerson gets, the more tempting it is to send him. Though we can't send him, so yeah... 

- right now, I want to buy all the things at Target. Though, that's basically all the time. 

- I hate running errands. Need to go to anywhere other than the grocery store and/or Target? It doesn't happen. 

- Landon and I are loooong overdue for a date. 

- speaking of over due, I just realized that somehow I missed our library due date a few days ago [ahem, ER and doctor visits] and now we have a whopping $6.75 fine. yikes. 

- it takes me longer than it should to reply to emails sometimes. And then sometimes it's instant. Sorry if your email is not the instant one! 

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Jessica (The Newly) said...

Sometimes I want a nanny too - which would totally defeat the purpose of me staying at home, I guess. But geez - sometimes being at home with kids all means you have even less free time than you ever did before. It's a crazy thing! Caleb does do preschool two mornings a week, and I have seen a REMARKABLE improvement in him. He spelled out the entire cover of the Toy Story dvd tonight. And got every single letter correct. I was so impressed by that! I work with him at home, but he seems to pick things up much faster when learning with peers at school!

Target is the devil right now. I will take one of everything, budget be darned. Except...not really. But I wish.

Girl, you really speak my language. I really wish we lived closer so we could do playdates and window shop at Target and not buy anything, lol!

Courtney said...

These confessions are on point! lol! I'm so erratic with my email replies as well. Woops.

Target. Killer.

Overdue date night. Guilty.

Falling asleep while playing? Done it.

Night time showering and staying up too late? Only every night!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Gosh, Hannah, I can't believe that little Emerson got sick, too. You guys need a break for real!!

We LOVE preschool. Since I work full time, both of our kids have gone to daycare their whole lives, and we absolutely love their school. I feel like both of our kids are already way ahead of where they're supposed to be intellectually and I love that they get the interaction with other kids on a daily basis as well. That being said, you guys should do what's best for your family! If I could stay home with mine right now, I would!

Have a great weekend! I hope things are looking up for you!

Amy said...

I take a shower at night, too. That way I'm not feeling rushed in the morning.

We debated sending Cash to 3 year old preschool last year, but with all of the changes, we decided against it. I'm so glad we did. He will be going to a private Christian 4K this fall. I'm nervous & excited all at the same time. I know that he is more than ready.