Monday, March 14, 2016

Oliver / 9 month update


Happy nine months to you little one! You have officially been living in this outside world for as long as you lived in my belly, which is pretty crazy to think about. As much as I loved having you all to myself, feeling you first wiggles, kicks, hiccups, and punches, I loooove seeing you wiggle, kick, grin, and move so much more! You are such a joy and you continue to bring so much love, laughter, and joy into our home. You are one very loved little nugget and we are so very thankful for you! 

This past month has had some pretty scary moments in it. Although you've been sick in the past, it was nothing compared to what you had to go through this past month. One morning you woke up and just wanted to be held and cuddle. You did that all day long, ran a fever, and didn't eat much. After talking with a nurse I took you to see the doctor, just to make sure you didn't have an ear infection. You didn't, but she gave you medicine to help bring your fever down. Sadly, you just got sicker and sicker. Resulting in two trips to the ER, two trips to the doctor's office, having an IV with a few rounds of fluids, lots of medicine being pushed in your system, dehydration, a double ear infection, rhino virus, bronchiolitis, and vomiting. It was rough going and you gave us a few scares during that time. Seeing you that sick made me so very thankful for your good health in general, caused me to pray for you without ceasing, and pray for the mamas and daddies with little ones who are really sick and in and out of the hospital all the time. It was so good to see you perk up, and when you finally sat up and smiled your little toothy grin at me after nearly a week, I praised Jesus for your healing! 

Apart from that terrible week of sickness and scares, you are a very happy and active little guy! You're always on the move and don't have time to sit still for longer than a minute or two [it makes taking your picture super tricky now!]. You have mastered the army crawl, and I have to say, I love that you are an army crawler. It's just the cutest. Sometimes you'll roll around the room to help you get where you want to go, but for the most part it's the crawling and you are getting quick! If you see something you want, your little eyes spark with light and you dart as quickly as you can to get said object. Cords and electrical anythings make you especially excited and you love to get your hands on them when ever possible. Good thing I watch you closely and have trained your brother to not let you near any cords. He's very concerned if you're getting too close and tries to block you from them if he can.

Eating: You're still nursing, right now it's four times a day, though we're working on weaning you off of one of those feedings. My goal is to nurse you until you're 12 months and then no more. So, I'm trying to wean you off of feedings as gently and slowly as possible. Sometimes you'll go all night without nursing, but most nights you'll wake once to nurse. You don't seem to mind, you're happy to eat solid foods and you are eating with us at breakfast, lunch, and dinner now. Though you're ready for your late afternoon feed a little sooner than before we started weaning; hopefully with time you'll be able to push that back a little later. As far as food goes, you love fruit! Peaches, pears, strawberries, blueberries, apples, banana, and I'm sure a dozen more I can't think of right now. Some veggies you like, some you don't. Understandably so. You like squash, sweet potatoes, spinach, and others. You don't like green beans at all, you'll tolerate a few bites of peas - especially if we mix a fruit in with it. Green beans - just no. You're not eating as much as you were prior to getting sick, but it's enough for you so we're going with it. I'm still introducing lots of new foods to you, though they are still mostly in the pureed form, you seem to like that. You've had Puffs and Mum-Mums and you like them alright, sometimes you'll eat it fine, and then other times you just gag. So, we're doing the finger foods very slowly. I know before long that's all you'll want. 

Sleep: It's kind of touch and go. You've had great moments [weeks] of sleeping well, falling asleep and staying asleep, and then you get out of that. I think the whole being sick thing really messed you up. But you seem to be doing better about sleeping and I'm being a lot more diligent and consistent about trying to teach you how to fall asleep on your own. At bed time you go down around 7:20 most nights and wake in the morning between 6:30 and 7. Most nights you wake between 1 and 3 to nurse and then you go back to sleep. Right now you're taking two naps a day, one in the morning around 9:30 and you usually sleep for an hour and a half to two hours and then another afternoon nap around 2. That afternoon nap used to be a lot longer, but this week, it's been super short, like 30 minutes long, and then you're awake. But then around 5 you start acting super sleepy, so I really wish you would just nap a little bit longer!

Stats: As of right now, you're wearing size three diapers, still Pampers Swaddlers. You're in mostly 6 month clothes, but depending on the brand a few 3-6 / 6-9 / 9 month. But for the most part, 6 month is where it's at right now. Shoe size, I have no idea. You pretty much live in socks and moose slippers. As a way for you to celebrate being nine months old, you cut your eighth tooth [3/10/16] - your bottom right [lateral incisor]! I'm not sure how long you are or how much you weigh, but I'm sure you've lost weight since last month/your last well check visit. I think a large part of that weight loss is due to the fact that you ate nothing for basically five days. We'll find that fun stuff out when we go in for your well check.

Favorites: bath time, getting undressed for bath - you start kicking like crazy!, playing, putting things in your mouth, your lama and other Little People farm animals, being held, trying to watch TV, your mama, talking/being part of the conversation, rolling around, crawling everywhere, your brother and watching him play, reading books, smiling.

You love being held, and if I'm not holding you, you'll army crawl over to me, whether I'm standing or sitting and either pull on my legs for me to pick you up, or crawl into my lap if I'm sitting for me to hold you. And you're so cute that I can't not hold you :)

Dislikes: taking medicine, falling asleep by yourself in your bed, not being held when you want to be, seeing your mama but not being in her arms, having your nails trimmed, having a dirty diaper on for too long. You also don't like the dinner fixing hour. Mostly because it means you don't have the freedom to roll and crawl as you please and I'm not holding you. Fixing dinner has become my least favorite time of day, I wish I could figure out a way for you to be happy while I fix our dinner, but no matter what I do, it's not good enough for you - unless I'm holding you, which isn't always a possibility.

Milestones: army crawling, trying to pull up on things, waving and saying hi, trying finger foods, cutting your eighth tooth.

You are such a mama's boy. Your Daddy has observed how he thought Emerson was bad, but he says you are so much worse. haha. It's true too. You will not stand for it if you aren't being held by me, especially if you can see me. Though you are still good about going to your Bible class and the nursery on Sundays and don't cry when I drop you off. You smile and wave at everyone and are just such a happy baby. 

Oliver, you are such a blessing to our family. We are so thankful for you and love you so much! I pray that you will grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord, that you will have discernment and wisdom, strength and integrity. I pray above all else that you will know how much Jesus loves you and that you will walk with Him always. 

I love you so much it hurts at times!  



Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Oh he is just so yummy I want to eat him up! Gosh, I miss this age so much! Hang on to every second of it, Momma. It just goes too fast.

Amy said...

He is so handsome, Hannah! I'm so glad that the sleep thing is going better! Send some sleep vibes our way, please. :) Do you lay him down awake for naps & bedtime?

Courtney said...

8 teeth! oh goodness! He is just the sweetness. I love reading these monthly updates!!