Friday, April 8, 2016

a surprise visit, a doctors visit, and a little tornado

What a week it has been. I certainly haven't meant to sound like a downer around here the last few days, but I feel like it's been a little less peppy for some reason. I just like to keep it real for you all - life is not full of rainbows and butterflies all the time, though I'm sure you know that. Anyhow, I am glad it's Friday! Let's get to it, shall we?

one | a surprise visit 
My parents arrived back in the states a few weeks ago and they'll be spending this next year traveling around the country. Well, on Sunday afternoon they called to tell me they were on their way to our house! I looked around at the chaos of a mess, the baskets of unfolded laundry, and the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Thank goodness I had at least a few hours to attempt to get everything cleaned up. In the end they had a few delays they weren't expecting, so they didn't arrive at our house until Monday afternoon around 4:30. Emerson was so excited they were coming to see him and talked about them all day long asking if they were here yet and when were they coming. It had been nearly two years since he'd last seen my dad [so when he was a little over one] but he took up with my dad like no time had passed, and at the same time, like all the time had passed - giving him every book and toy he could find. It was the first time for my dad to meet Oliver in person, and unfortunately for both of them Oliver was feeling sick, so he was pretty clingy to me. But it was still a nice little visit. Very short, but nice. They stayed for dinner and then we headed over to the campground where they had set up their fifth wheel [aka, their home] to see their house. Emerson loved it and did not want to leave. Four hours is a blink of an eye, especially to a little one. It was a nice little surprise visit though and I'm glad my dad was finally able to meet Oliver.

two | another doctors visit 
I mentioned that Oliver wasn't feeling that well on Monday when my parents stopped by and it just continued over night and through the next day. He was more clingy than usual, a little fussy, and he was. not. sleeping. Not for naps. Not at night. No sleep for him. No sleep for me. Occasionally he would rub or pull at his ear, but I'm never sure about anything babies do: is it teething? an ear infection? new discovery? sleepy? hungry? I should have gone with my gut instinct and taken him to the doctor on Monday when I thought his ear infection hadn't gone away. But with my parents coming in to visit, it didn't happen. So sorry Oliver. But Tuesday I knew that he was just not himself and I needed to take him back to the doctor. So I called to make an appointment, though in the end we had to wait until after the office was closed and I took him and Emerson to convenient care before dinner. The doctor came and we talked about why we were there, she looked him over and when she checked his ears, sure enough, the ear infection wasn't gone. Which didn't surprise me. He'd been taken off his antibiotic too early and hadn't been put on a different one. I should have insisted he was. But I didn't. Live and learn, right?  Anyhow, she prescribed a new antibiotic for him and we left to pick it up at the pharmacy. Which took a lot longer than it should have - we had to stop and pick Landon up from campus and when we got to the pharmacy, the order had been called in wrong, so we had to wait even longer. It was dinner time and the boys were hungry, Oliver felt miserable, and they were both overly tired. It was the second night in a row bed time was postponed an hour or two. Whoops. We ate dinner at Chipotle while we waited for the script to be filled, picked it up, and then headed home. What a night. 

three | a tornado visit 
Okay, not really a tornado, but it may as well have been. For whatever reason, Emerson has decided that nap time is for the birds and instead of napping has torn his room apart during nap time. The first day it meant emptying every single dresser drawer in his room, throwing the clothes around, and then making one big pile and jumping in it. It also included his wipes and diapers being thrown everywhere too. Books and toys were not spared. When I went in his room to get him, he was sitting in his laundry hamper. The next afternoon it was books, toys, and the diaper pail. When I heard a crinkly sound, like that of a plastic bag coming from his room, I knew the outcome wouldn't be good. There are no plastic bags in his room - except for the one in his diaper pail. And sure enough he not only pulled all of the plastic lining out, he had stuffed some blocks, clean diapers and pull-ups, wipes, and Grover into the bag. And he was in his laundry hamper again. Good gracious. The next day I took every toy and book and put it in his closet and tied a belt around the handles so he couldn't open it. I moved the diaper pail into the hallway and basically every other thing he had in his room. That still didn't phase him and he made do with what he still had. Oh that boy... Today, thank the Lord, he is napping. 

four | rebranding?
The other day I mentioned I was thinking about making some changes to my blog, almost like rebranding. I'm not sure I will do it, but I've been thinking about it a lot, so I thought I'd get your input. I'm all about consistency and all, but I'm really thinking about changing my blog name to something I feel better represents me and this space. Thoughts? Have you done this before? Good? Bad? I've made changes before, so I hate to do it again, but I feel like this space could use a facelift and just a little change over all. The content would all be the same - just a new name and look. Yes? No? 

five | nail color 
To end on a much lighter note, I thought I'd share a great find with you all. I feel like I've been on the look out for the perfect shade of pink nail polish for - forever. And I have finally found it. OPI Mod About You. It's basically perfect. It's not too light that you see streak lines and it's not too dark or bright that it's over powering. It's a soft pick and just prefect. If you're looking for a pretty pink polish, give it a try! It's my new favorite for sure. 

Happy Friday to you! I hope you have a lovely weekend filled with fun, family, rest, and other good things ;) 


Jessica (The Newly) said...

Mod About You is one of my faves! Love that! OPI just always gets it right:) So sorry that little Oliver has been struggling with feeling well again. Those ear infections can be a doozy. I remember Caleb struggling to get over a few of them around that age - yikes! Thankfully, as I'm sure you know, they do usually grow out of that stage, so I'm sure sweet Oliver will be just fine soon!

And girl. Your little man really is a tornado! That is crazy!!! Hoping he starts napping soon and stops creating more messes for mommy to clean!

Courtney said...

You know we've been dealing with the ear infection thing over here too! No fun at all! At least you got some chipotle out of the deal :p

Love that pink polish!

Amy said...

LOVE that color! I loved it as soon as I saw it on IG. It is perfect for spring. I need to get that! Do you know any other retailers that sell OPI? We don't have an ULTA very close.

So sorry to hear about Oliver! :(

I'm so happy that you got to visit with your parents! Such a nice treat!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Poor little Oliver. I hate to hear that he's still not himself. Prayers that he gets well very soon!

I love that light pink color as well. I just got Essie's "Ballet Slippers" and it looks very similar to this OPI shade. I love a good pale pink polish!

Kate said...

Mod About You is one of my favorites too!! So exciting to have a surprise visit with your parents!