Thursday, April 14, 2016


I confess . . .

- I really like Pop Tarts.

- yesterday for lunch, Emerson ate four pieces of plain bread and two clementines. Easiest lunch I've ever made.

- our grocery store just got online grocery shopping/curbside pick up and I am so excited!

- Landon thinks paying $4.95 for the online grocery shopping fee is too much. ummm.... I disagree.

- we're having Landon's parents visit us this weekend and I have no idea what I'm going to fix for breakfast and lunch while they're here.

- if for some reason Oliver takes an extra long nap in the morning, I always debate about waking him up so he can have lunch with us and then take his afternoon nap at the normal time. But I never wake him.

- the few times the above has happened, I never know when to lay him down for his afternoon nap.

- schedules/routines make my heart happy and I need them to function well.

- we're in the midst of sleep training [again] and man oh man, it is not fun. If only there was a way it could be more enjoyable for all parties involved.

- I feel the most pressure to choose the right thing when I'm using a gift card. I mean, it's a gift card, it's special. I have to pick the perfect thing to spend it on. Not just anything will do.

- the added pressure of picking the perfect thing usually means I don't spend said gift card for a few months.

- After far too long of wearing a poorly fitting nursing bra, I decided I needed to do something about it. Then, when I was at Target I happened along this pretty thing and it fit perfectly. If you're a nursing mama, I would recommend giving it a try for sure!

- it always freaks me out after Oliver cries forever for a while in his crib, trying to fall asleep, and then is suddenly quiet.

- this whole week has felt off to me. And today just feels like it should be Friday. Why is it not?

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Callie said...

Ha, the lunch confession cracked me up, because we have had similar lunches around here! And Pop Tarts. Our go-to breakfast for MOPS mornings.

Courtney said...

Girl your confessions are SPOT ON today. I agree with you on allll of these! $5 is definitely a great deal for online shopping. Husbands.

Jessica (The Newly) said...

$4.95 is SO worth it for curbside pick up. Sometimes - when I can get there without the kids - I don't mind grocery shopping. But if I've got both kiddos, there is no way I am trying to do a full shopping. I don't even like running in for a couple of things with both kids. It's honestly just too much effort! We love us some PopTarts in our house. And that nursing bra is super cute:)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

OMG I NEED online grocery shopping with curbside pick-up!! I would pay that fee without so much as a second thought! Totally worth it!

I do the SAME thing with gift cards!! What's with that?! Hubs gave me a Victoria's Secret gift card last year for my birthday and I just spent it the other day, almost a year later! I don't even know why I didn't use it to buy a bathing suit last summer!