Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hello and Happy Friday! Let's get started. 

one. a new name 
I've started making those changes I talked about the other day and am hoping to get the majority of them finished this weekend. I couldn't wait any longer to share my new name though. I absolutely love it and feel as though it represents me so much more and so much better than the previous. I have more I want to share about what's behind the name, but I'm saving that post for when all these changes are finished. 

two. this mug. 
It's basically the best mug ever made and I need it. haha. But seriously. It is perfectly appropriate for what I do all day every day. I heart it with big red puffy heart eyes. 

find it here

three. date night. 
I'm going on a date tomorrow! I don't think I've been this excited to go on a date in a very long time. It has been far too long since our last date and I'm very much looking forward to having a meal with Landon and talking with him without being interrupted five billion times or having to get up to get one more thing for the littles or cut someone's food up. I think it will be a beautiful breath of fresh air. 

four. sandals. 
At the beginning of each summer I get a new pair of sandals. Usually always, they're flip flops of the most basic kind. But I love them and I wear them every single day until the weather turns cool and crisp and the leaves start to turn and my toes can no longer take the chilly air. But in the summer? Flip flops all the way. Even for walks. I cannot wear tennis shoes to go on walks during the summer. I can't stand to have hot feet or feet that are closed it and can't breathe. Having hot feet makes me cranky. True story. Which is why I live in flip flops. I don't spend a ton of money, but I do make about a $13 investment, which is kind of a lot to me. But at least it's more than the the $2 investment I used to make when Old Navy had their awesome flip flop sale. However, just because I paid $13 for a pair of flip flops doesn't make them comfortable. The other night I took the boys on a walk and the weather was nice enough to wear flip flops, so I did. But, I realized that this summer, a regular old pair of sandals wasn't going to cut it for me. I needed sandals with support. Cute is fun and nice and all, but I live in these shoes. They need to offer some support. Plus also, I'm old now and comfort is winning over cute. So began my search. Thankfully Zulily is awesome and happened to have a sale on sandals that day so I snagged a pair for a great deal. Now I'm just waiting for them to come and make my feet happy. I'll be sure to share my thoughts on their comfort level once I actually get them. Though, it's still very important to have a cute pair of flip flops. 

found them here

five. a fun review. 
I feel like I just have to say this one more time - be sure to come back early next week to check out an awesome review and giveaway! You really won't want to miss it. I never do giveaways and I'm super excited about this one! It's something I loooove and am so very excited to share with you all!

Have a happy weekend! I hope it's filled with sunshine and rest.


Amy said...

I can't handle all these teases about your giveaway. Haha! I just LOVE your new name! ENJOY date night!

Vanessa said...

Love the new name!! And seriously--hot feet make me cranky too. Just the thought of wearing tennis shoes when I'm pregnant--accck!!!!

Courtney said...

Oooh! I love the new name and the new design!! So bright and springy and fresh! Love it!

Callie said...

Oh, excited for the giveaway! I love the new name and blog design so far, by the way!