Tuesday, April 12, 2016

little gifts [301 - 322]

Hello! Even though it's only Tuesday, it feels like the week should already be over. That's probably not a good sign. But - today is a new day and the sun is even shining. Spring days are not far ahead and right now the munchkins are all napping. Hallelujah! There are so many things to be thankful for and so many little gifts, like . . .

301. clear skin

302. the soft sound of a pillow crinkling beneath your head

303. sun beams streaming though the windows at dawn

304. surprise kisses and hugs from Emerson

305. little hands climbing into my lap as I sit on the floor

306. answered prayers

307. tiny clothes to fold

308. the hum of the dishwasher

309. warm towels fresh from the dryer

310. being attacked with big, open mouth, slobbery kisses

311. making a pig family out of play dough

312. scotch tape to piece together torn pages

313. a God who hears

314. brooms to sweep up the after math of meals

315. a stranger holding the door open for you

316. coloring page after page of 'robox' [Emerson speak for robot].

317. a babe on my hip

318. your neighbor mowing your front lawn for you

319. finding more ways to save on your grocery bill

320. tissues to wipe away the tears

321. Emerson asking me to hold him, "hold you, Mama."

322. winning a prize

- - - - - - - - - - -

What are some of the little blessings in your life today?


Ashley Brickner said...

Aw, I agree with so many of these!!!!!! Sweet!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I always love these posts! And yes, can all please take a minute to be thankful for the dishwasher? What did people ever do without them?

Amy said...

Love this as always! Tell me how are you saving more on your groceries?!