Monday, April 25, 2016

little gifts [342 - 356]

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope you all were able to enjoy a nice weekend with loved ones. Or some sleep. Or both!

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You may or may not notice a few changes around here - I was able to finally get the bulk of the changes finished this weekend and am loving how it turned out. There are still a few little things I need to change/fix, but over all this is the new look and name.

Changing this space has been something I've been thinking about doing for such a long time and I'm so glad I finally went ahead and did it. The name of my blog before [My Delicious Adventure] was never one that I loved, but it worked and I just kept ignoring the fact that I never really liked the name. I thought I should just leave it as it was because in my years of blogging, I'd already changed the name three times. I know. Granted, when I started it was a very private blog and I was really only writing for myself and family. I never really knew about all that blogging could be - the friendships you can build, the link ups, the following of other blogs. Over the years I made a few other name changes and then decided I should just stick with what it currently was, even if I didn't love it and felt as though it didn't fit me or this space. But after so long of blogging I just knew I needed a name that better represented me and one that I truly loved. So I took the plunge and made the change and now I am so glad I did. I'm also wondering why I didn't do it sooner.

Wonder-filled Life is a name that I think truly represents me. I want to remember all of the little things that make this life so sweet, precious, and wonderful. Life is full of ups and downs, changes, joys, sorrows, and the mundane. I want to live every day trying to find the best in everything, trying to see the little gifts that are in the mundane or hard things. When I stop to look for all these little gifts, it's so easy to see just how wonder-filled life really is.

Thank you for all of your encouragement and support as I make this change, it means so very much! And in light of the new name and what it represents, I thought it only fitting that I follow with a few little gifts as of late.

342. watching an airplane fly above your head - so close to landing you can almost touch it

343. the squeals of a three year old watching said airplane

344. Puffs Plus Lotion for stuffy noses

345. naps under fuzzy blankets

346. the dancing and kicking legs of the 10 month old, feeling him bounce in glee on my hip

347. an uninterrupted dinner

348. dreaming about the future with Landon

349. walking through the aisles of Walmart alone

350. a sleeping babe in my arms while I sit in church

351. little friend's birthday parties

352. playing restaurant with the toddler - watching him make whatever I ask for

353. the babe's toothy grin light up his face

354. the subsequent smile on my face from seeing the toothy grin

355. dirt smudges on the toddler's face

356. my boo-boos being kissed better by the toddler

- - - - - - - - - - -

What are some of the little gifts in your life today?


Amy said...

I looove the new look! Fresh & clean!

Callie said...

The new name is perfect!

Leslie @ This is For Keeps said...

I love your blog design and name! All the little gifts you mentioned are so, so sweet.

Jessica (The Newly) said...

I think the new name is just perfect for you, my dear! Love it! And the new look is fab!!!