Monday, April 11, 2016

Oliver / 10 month update


Happy 10 months of life little nugget! It is nut-so that you are only 2 months away from being one! Where or where have the past 10 months gone? Goodness sakes, I'm not ready for your baby days to be over, I'm soaking them in as much as I possibly can. It is so fun watching you grow and learn new things every day. You're such a happy little baby and so full of smiles. You bring us so much joy and I love spending my days with you! 

This past month you've been through a lot. I was hoping that after your hospital visits and poor health last month we would have smoother sailing, but sadly that was not the case. While we were traveling over Spring Break you started coming down with something, once we got home we found out you had an ear infection. After getting you on an antibiotic you soon developed an [severe] allergic reaction to it. I took you to the doctor for the rash you'd developed, but it only got worse. It was a rough couple of days and you were miserable. You took a lot of medicine, had some rough nights and days, and then I took you back to the doctor because you just couldn't sleep and were acting miserable. As it turned out, your ear infection hadn't cleared up so we had to get you back on another antibiotic. That's a brief summary, I have a post in the works with more of the details. Right now though, you are seeming to be better. I am praying you are better and that you stay well!

In other news, you're wearing mostly 9 month clothes, there are still a few 6 months pieces in there, but with each passing day you're in more of the 9 month clothing. You're still in size 3 diapers and we still prefer Pampers Swaddlers. I have no idea what size shoe you wear, but I'm guessing a 2 or 3. You've lost a little weight over the last few months and weigh about 18 pounds right now. You aren't really gaining any weight, but you're still eating and all that so I'm not too worried and neither is the doctor. You're perfectly healthy when it comes to that side of things. I'm not sure how long you are.

Eating. About a month ago we found a super good deal on baby food and stocked up. It was right about that time that you decided to boycott purees and refuse to eat anything I offered to you. You moved very suddenly from baby food [purees] to finger foods. At first you only wanted Puffs [oh how you loooooove Puffs] and you would eat the occasional pouch. But then you decided you were too big for even pouches and insisted on finger foods only. After what seemed like a weeks of you only eating Puffs [though it was probably only a few days], you have branched out and are enjoying lots of other foods. Your favorites are peas, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, carrots, waffles, and banana bread. You're not much of a fruit fan, but you'll pick at strawberries, apples, plums, mango, pears, peaches, avocado, and banana. You've also had scrambled eggs and lima beans. I'm sure there are a few other things you've eaten, I just can't remember. I try to give you new foods to eat and not give you the same things over and over, but sometimes it's hard for me to think of what to give you! And you love peas so I just give them to you because I know you like them. You're still nursing. It has been four times a day about every four hours, but we're really working on cutting out one of those nursing sessions so you can be ready to be fully weaned by the time you're 12 months. That's only two months away! You're not crazy about taking one of those nursing times out, but maybe you'll be happy with Puffs instead? When you nurse you eat fairly quickly, 5-10 minutes, and you're usually done. Occasionally you'll take a little bit longer, but for the most part you are a speedy eater now, which I love. So thank you. Generally you nurse one time during the night, which I haven't minded too much, though I think we're going to start weaning you off of that feeding sometime within the next few weeks - you've got to learn how to go through the night without eating!

Sleeping. Oh, Oliver. Sleep. What can I say? It has been so much better! Once you recovered from your big sickness last month we started sleep training and it went fairly well. You were doing a good job with naps and bedtime. And then ... we traveled ... and then ... you got sick. So right now, sleep is not good. Sometimes you'll take a good morning nap, anywhere from one to three hours[! - though that was only once and that was the other day] and sometimes you'll take a good afternoon nap. But then, with you having an ear infection, many days it's been 30 minutes of sleep per day. Though now that you're starting to feel a little better, your naps are getting a little better. Nights have been terrible. You like to wake up an hour or two after laying down for the night and have a little party for a few hours. I don't appreciate it very much and I pray that you sleep! Once I know you're feeling better we will probably have to go back through the sleep training stuff, hopefully when we do that you will remember and catch on a little quicker. It's exhausting! You've also started pulling up on things and can now stand up in your crib. Yikes. That new skill has helped with the sleepless nights. Please start sleeping better again! 

Favorites: being held, exploring and getting your hands on whatever catches your eye, cords and outlets, baths, eating - Puffs and peas, playing, watching your brother, grinning at daddy from mama's arms, reading books, being kissed all over, when I whisper something to you -you think it's hilarious!

Dislikes: being held still for a diaper change or change of clothes, having a dirty diaper, not getting what you want.

Milestones: pulling up on things - from sitting to on your knees to standing! drinking from a sippy cup more frequently, eating finger foods.

Oliver, you are such a delight. Your sweet personality fills the house and I love watching you as you learn new things. You're an easy going little guy and for the most part, things don't phase you too much. I pray that you will always know and love Christ and that you will follow Him all of your days. I pray that you seek and obey Him, flee from danger and temptation, are a man of integrity and discernment.  I pray you will share the name of Jesus with others and love like He loves us. You are the best little blessing and I love you so very much!
- Mama


Courtney said...

That smile! Those neck rolls!!!

Mabel is obsessed with puffs too. Like, legit obsession.

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Happy 10 months, sweet thing!! I'm glad he's feeling a little better now... hopefully that new antibiotic will knock that nasty ear infection right out!

Amy said...

Hannah, how is he almost 1?! I mean, seriously. His smile makes me smile! Such a sweet boy!