Friday, April 15, 2016

pulling up, printed tops, and changes.

Hello Friday! Even though it seemed like this day would never get here, it's here and I'm not quiet ready for all that it's going to bring! haha. But I am still oh so thankful for this day! Let's get started shall we?

one. visitors. 
Landon's parents are coming in for a little visit this weekend and will arrive late this afternoon. Even though I've known about their upcoming visit for a while now, my house wouldn't be able to tell you the difference. I feel like this is always the problem for me. I also feel like keeping our house clean for longer than two minutes is nearly impossible, and maybe that's why I haven't even attempted to clean for their visit yet. Nothing like speed cleaning during nap time, right? Or just shoving everything into a corner and hoping they don't notice that and the layer of dust on everything.

two. memory book. 
For Emerson's first and second birthday, I made a little picture memory book for him. He loves these books and I would like to keep doing them for him. But then I think, if I do one a year for him that's 18 books by the time he leaves for college. Is that a bit much? And also, that would mean 18 books for Oliver, since I'd have to do them for him too. When is a good time to just kind of stop making them? Or should I do it forever and always? Also, while on the tune of memory books, I need to start Oliver's first year book so it's finished by Christmas. haha. But seriously. I need to start that.

three. changes. 
You may or may not remember, but a week or so ago I shared that I was going to start babysitting a little boy part time in May and then full time in August. That means I would have a basically two three year olds, a one and a half year old, and a 10 month old and one me. I had gotten used to the idea of it and was starting to prepare, both mentally and with getting things out for the new little boy. The other day I sent his mom a message with a few questions, at the end of the day she replied that, oh by they way they were moving out of state. Whaaat?! And when was she going to tell me? Anyhow, it's all fine and good, but yeah. But in light of that new information, I will now have no babies to babysit come August since Bee's mom is staying home next school year. It really will be just me, Emerson, and Oliver. And that excites me a lot and also kind of scares me. Mostly because I won't be working any more and well, that's a lot of money for us. But it's mostly really exciting and something I have always dreamed of - staying at home with just my little ones. Oh the changes...

four. pulling up. 
Oliver is learning one thing after the other and is growing up so fast! The other day I went to get him from his crib and he was standing in the corner of the crib that's closest to the door. His little face looked terrified - he was standing! - and his cry was just as sad. The poor boy didn't realize what he'd done. Thankfully he hasn't had the same problem Emerson did when it came to learning how to pull up on things and stand. Emerson figured it out and then he'd stand until I came to get him; he didn't know how to get back down or let go. It took several days, maybe even a week, for Emerson to finally learn how to get back down. Funny baby. Oliver's learned that same new skill, but thankfully [I think] isn't afraid to fall and bonk his head to get back down. haha.

five. printed tops. 
While browsing around the other day, I stumbled across a few cute t-shirts. Since I wear mine out by the end of the season, I always like to see what potential new contenders are. This year, for some reason I'm really drawn to printed tops. Usually I'll stick with solid colors, but this year I'm all about the prints. Give me something with a little personality, please. I think this is good and will add a lot to my wardrobe considering as how I wear jeans and solid color t-shirts every. single. day. I got one of them and the morning I wore it for the first time, Emerson saw me and right away said, "I like your shirt, Mommy. What on it? What dat?" and then when he was hugging me a few minutes later, he pat my back and said, "you look handsome, Mommy." Heart melted. That boy gives me all the feels. And also makes me realize I wear the same thing all the time and it really might be good to switch it up a little bit.
find them here

Happy weekend to you! I hope it's a restful one filled with family, fun, and other happy things. 


Amy said...

This coming fall will definitely be a change for you, but I'm very excited for the one on one time that you'll have with your little guys. I wish the mom would have told you!

I have that first top in the upper left hand corner! I love it!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I LOVE the memory book idea! I say keep on keeping on!

And that's so funny that Oliver scared himself standing up! He was probably thinking, "Now what do I do?!" Lol.

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness his face after pulling up in his crib is the cutest thing ever!!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Oliver looks SO big! He is adorable!