Friday, May 6, 2016

friday favorites [cookies, curls, and quiet days]

This week has been a pretty low key and quiet week. I only had to baby-sit one day this week [that as yesterday] due to Bee being sick and an already planned day off today. It sure wasn't fun that she was sick, but I sure enjoyed spending the days with just my boys. A little taste of what's to come I suppose. Although, we will be missing that extra income... eh. What can you do? I'm just going to enjoy these days as much as I can because I know I'll never get them back. Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few favorite things from this week, so here goes...

one. chocolate chip cookies. 
Early this week I decided I needed to make some cookies. We were at home and Emerson was just messing around in the living room. I thought he might have fun helping me make some cookies. We hadn't baked anything in a while, and we didn't have anywhere to be, so he could actually help without me feeling rushed [or like other people shouldn't eat the cookies]. He was so eager to help - at first. But then his attention was slowly averted to something else and I was left making cookies by myself. It was probably the first time since August I made [or ate] chocolate chip cookies. Such a classic cookie - but since I'm still on a dairy free diet chocolate chips are out of the question. Until I found a dairy [nut, soy, and all the other things] free chocolate chip alternative. And they are good! You'd never guess they were dairy free. Dairy free chocolate chip cookies for the win!

two. leg pains.
For the last week or so Emerson has been waking up with severe leg pains, so much so that he won't get out of bed and when he's playing on the floor he's sitting in one spot - and not even moving an inch or two when Oliver has a toy he wants/doesn't want Oliver to have. You know it's got to be bad if the otherwise tornado of a boy doesn't even move to snatch his beloved toy out of his baby brothers innocent hands. We've been to the doctor just about every other day it seems to have tests run, x-rays, labs, more x-rays, and other fun things done. There is still no definite answer to what it was/is, but it's the strangest thing. He seems to be on the mend now, hopefully the worst is behind us.

three. curls. 
Sometime in October I had the genius idea of chopping all my hair off. About once every three or so years I have this thought. It goes something like this: I like my hair when it's short! It's easier/quicker to fix and in the winter I won't have to fool with long hair getting stuck under coats/bag straps/the car door when I close it [because, hello windy Illinois], or babies pulling and eating it. I should cut it! And so I do. And I like it. It's cute, it's different. It's light. But since I can't really keep it short all of the time [short, naturally curly hair, does not agree with humid summer months] and because I promised a certain someone that the short hair wasn't here to stay, I can't keep getting trims and such. So it has to go through the awkward stage of growing out again. Fun times. Well, I am happy to say, my hair is finally long enough again to let it be curly! I like the option of straightening it or letting it curl. These days, I'm really liking the curl, so it's nice that my hair when curled doesn't make me look like a chipmunk. Because, don't you know, when my hair is short and curly I basically look like a chipmunk.

four. quiet mornings. 
One nice thing about Bee not coming this week was we got to take our time getting ready. We played upstairs, I did laundry, we weren't rushing to get ready before she arrived. Getting two little people ready for the day can be a little overwhelming, so it was nice to just enjoy the slowness of the mornings.

five. date night. 
We finally went on a date! It had been far too long since Landon and I had gone on a date. I knew it was pitiful and that we  I needed to make doing out a priority. Thankfully, we have a pretty great relationship with Bee's mom and dad and her mom has offered on more than one occasion to babysit for us. I hate asking people for things, but one afternoon I finally asked her if she was serious about babysitting for us, and she excitedly jumped at the chance. Because the boys know her and Bee, I felt good about dropping them off to play and have dinner one evening while Landon and I went out sans kiddos. It was so good to have conversation that wasn't interrupted and a meal that we could sit through and not have to get up once to get something else for the little people. It is something we I need to work on and do better at going out more frequently. I say 'I' because Landon's all about going out, I'm the one that has issues about leaving the boys, even for a few hours. But it was good and soul refreshing.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there!

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Courtney said...

OMG that is your natural curl?? IT IS AMAZING. Seriously wear it like that all the time.

My first thought with E's legs were growing pains. Do you think that could be it?

I'm so glad you got a date! Have a wonderful mother's day!

Laura said...

Your natural curls are beautiful! I'm sure they really are a pain on humid days, but so pretty!!!

When my brother was about Emerson's age, he had such severe leg pains he refused/couldn't walk for a few days. They put him in the hospital, run tests, and realized it was just growing pains. My parents felt ridiculous, but who knew?! When your baby is screaming in pain, you freak! I sure hope growing pains is all that's troubling Emerson.

Amy said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I didn't realize that it was that natural of a curl!

Also, I didn't realize how much taller Landon is than you. That's like Luke & I, too. :)