Monday, May 30, 2016

little gifts [425 - 441]

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend and are off to a great start of the week. There are so many little gifts in my life right now . . .

425. eating popsicles on the porch on a hot sticky day

426. exploring a new playground

427. little legs kicking a soccer ball in a wide open field

428. sandal wearing weather

429. tiny arms wrapped tight around my neck

430. cuddling a sleeping nugget during church

431. Emerson walking between his two aunties, holding their hands

432. the rustle of tree leaves dancing in the wind

433. playing in the shade of a tall oak tree on a warm morning

434. tiny baby shoes with real soles on my baby's tiny feet

435. Oliver's little arms reaching out for me when in the arms of someone else

436. peas flying at me during dinner after excited little hands pat and rub them on table

437. a Ninja Turtle baseball hat surprise for Emerson

438. Oliver's wet tears against my check

439. watching Emerson play t-ball

440. ice-cream with sprinkles

441. living in a land served by brave men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedom

What are some of the little gifts in your life right now?

1 comment:

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I love the tiny arms around my neck. My girls give the biggest tightest hugs for only being 17 months and it is the best feeling.