Tuesday, June 28, 2016

a little house tour

I've been wanting to do a little house tour for a while now, but for some reason just haven't gotten around to doing it. I'm pretty sure I shared glimpses of our home before, but never room by room. The other day Landon took Emerson to the pool and I stayed home while Oliver napped. I was able to get so much done. I finally got all our laundry folded and put way, the rooms tidied up, and did some much needed cleaning as well. I took advantage of an empty house and snapped a few pictures of our living spaces. 

On to our not so fancy house tour, it's pretty self explanatory, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. First up is our living room, what you see as soon as you walk in the front door.  

The view from the far corner looking at the front door. Our walls are pretty bare, and they'll stay that way until we move and buy a house. One day they're will be pictures and things filling those blank spaces and I look forward to that day. But until then, this is what it is, and it works. 

Our kitchen is right off the living room and it's where we spend a lot of time. Me especially. It's not my favorite, but it works. I miss having counter space and look forward to the day where I'll be able to prepare our meals without having to clean everything as soon as I use it so I have space to work on the next part of fixing dinner. It's exciting to think about the day we get to move to Kansas, so I can have a bigger kitchen. Because, yes, a bigger kitchen is defiently a must.

Our tiny kitchen is bigger than the first kitchen we had when we were married, but with four people to make meals for, it's a challenge. I just try to be thankful for the space we do have. I would love to paint the cabinets white and add hardware, but since we don't actually own our home, I can't really do that. But it works and we enjoy lots of family time in there, which is what's most important.

This past fall I decided to make the finished part of our basement into a play room. Emerson and Bee were too big to play in his room, and they destroyed the living room every day and it was driving me bonkers. So as much as I hate basements, I hate a tornado in my living room even more. I gradually moved Emerson's toys and things downstairs. We already had most of the furniture, I just moved some it from other rooms to make it work in the play room. I did get the white cubby shelving unit and bins because we needed storage space. But other than that, everything else we already had.

After Christmas I was doing some shopping and saw some colored twinkle lights. I love twinkle lights, and thought some colored ones would be a fun addition to the play room, add some color, cheer, and brightness to the room. The walls were completely bare so I scoured Pinterest and found a bunch of free printables. I printed them off, stuck them on some scrapbook paper I already had, put washi tape on clothes pins [both of which I already had], and then taped them to the walls to hang the prints.

After the prints were hung and the twinkle lights were hung, I found that I actually liked being down there. A little bit of color and cheer can go a long way. Our landlord approved our request to paint the room, but after talking about it, we decided to forgo the paint and I'm okay with that since the prints add a lot of color. The last thing I added was a clock, mostly for function but also a little bit for more color and what not on the walls. I feel like I've put so much into this room and kind of actually love it now. Also, so you know, these play room pictures were taken when Emerson was not home. This space is only this clean after we pick it up before lunch and usually always looks like a tornado came through.

Emerson's room is upstairs by our room. He and Oliver were going to share a room and we even had Oliver's crib in there for the first five or six months of Oliver's life. But Emerson is a crazy sleeper [as in, he likes to run around his room and yell and not sleep if he doesn't want to sleep, which is a lot] and we didn't want Oliver in there with him for fear of Emerson keeping him awake/waking him up and vise versa. Anyone who has their kiddos sharing a room, please tell me how you make it work!

Even though Emerson's bed is the only one in there, it's still kind of the boys room. Oliver's clothes are in there and that's where the three of us play a lot of the time.

This is our laundry room / used to be my little work space / is now Oliver's sleeping room. Don't judge. If you heard the wild, loud, crazy shenanigans from Emerson and how Oliver can howl at night too, you would use the laundry room for the baby's crib too.

I'm glad our laundry room is big enough to accommodate Oliver's crib, but I do wish he had a room of his own. A room all of his clothes, books, and toys could be in at the same time. But that's not where we're at right now, so this is what it is and it works. Sorry, Oliver. But you do like sleeping in your own little space. So that's good, right? I do dream about the day we get to buy a house and move into it. One with a bedroom for each of the boys. I've already started thinking about how I'm going to fix Oliver's room for him once we get a house in Kansas. Fun stuff I tell ya. 

Our bedroom is upstairs also, but I didn't have time to get a picture of it. Maybe I'll add that in soon. It serves as our bedroom, my work space, and Oliver's toy/play place. It's a pretty small room so all of those things in it makes it even more crowded, but it works and I'm making the most of it for now. 

Of course we have bathrooms too, but I also ran out of time for those. They aren't terribly exciting but maybe one day I'll share those too. 

Thanks for "stopping by" :) 


Amy said...

So much natural light, Hannah! I just love how your home is so cheery & cozy. It is you perfectly!

I love the baskets in the playroom!

Courtney said...

Isn't it nice when you get a big chunk of time like that to get things done?! So awesome!!! You'll be so glad to have these photos of your home to look back on someday and I know the boys will too!