Monday, June 6, 2016

little gifts [442 - 459]

This morning I woke up a little later than I had planned [the bed was so comfortable and my pillow kept calling my name...], but I still got up early enough to get ready and have my quiet time before the boys woke for the day. I snuck outside to sit on the front porch and watch the creation around me and spend some time with my God. As I was reading from my devotional I came across this and it has stuck with me all day, "The answer to anxiety is always to exalt Christ. ...Cause me to remember it today, Lord; adore Christ to combat anxiety." I thought about how many times throughout the day I get frazzled over the little things that really don't matter: Emerson taking five minutes to walk up the stairs instead of one minute, him running away when I tell him lunch is ready, Oliver fighting so hard when I try to sit him in his highchair/carseat, tears over having a sandwich on the plate when, "I not want a sanwhich!" The list goes on. But then I thought, those times, though they make me anxious and cause my blood pressure rise, they are fleeting and precious in their own way. These boys need and love me something fierce right now. Never again will I be so needed and so loved. While the moments are trying, they are also sweet [or can be]. I need to look beyond the immediate tantrums and frustrations and try to see what gifts are hidden behind them. Because this day, this moment, will never come again.

442. blackbirds pecking the green grass for their breakfast

443. little legs kicking and splashing water in the pool

444. the wonder and awe in Emerson's eyes as he gives a present to a friend

445. Emerson's little body standing close and rocking his body back and forth in excitement while he watchings a friend open her gifts

446. the determination in Oliver's eyes as he goes for the tiny crumb on the floor

447. birds chirping in the morning quiet

448. a brown bunny hopping in our yard

449. seeing clearly through my contacts

450. melted marshmallow and fluffy white sugar sticking to my fingers

451. a tiny arm wrapped and clinging tight to yours, begging to stay on your hip

452. playing with glow in the dark balloons and bracelets in the dark of the bathroom

453. two boys sleeping at the same time

454. hair long enough to be pulled into a bun - only to be pulled out by tiny fingers

455. the scent of sunscreen on the munchkins skin

456. the light scrape and scratch of a coffee mug sitting on the concrete patio

457. afternoon breeze gently kissing my face, arms, legs

458. seeing a hot air balloon drifting through the sky

459. tiny toes stomping the shallow water

What are some of the gifts in your life today?

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Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I always love reading your lists! XOXO