Monday, June 27, 2016

little gifts [478 - 503]

Hello and happy Monday! Last week we were without internet [the horror ;], but after a few minutes of realizing that we just wouldn't have internet for a week I made amends and just enjoyed life free of the entertainment the internet brings. Instead I found myself doing a lot of other things I enjoy but don't usually do because well, I'm slightly addicted to the internet and all that jazz. Hopefully this week will start to look a little more normal for us and I'll be able to have some sort of connection to the outside world [kidding, but not really]. Anyhow, because it's Monday I thought I'd go ahead and share a few gifs from this past week or so.

original source unknown 

478. colors filling a page, bringing it to life

479. a warm breeze on a hot humid day

480. waking with the sun

481. a quiet walk, just Oliver and me, in the still of the morning

482. rays of sunlight streaming through the trees

483. reading a good book on a shaded patio

484. hot summer air hugging my body

485. little arms wrapped tight around my neck

486. listening to the sweet squeals of Oliver's giggles

487. the coolness of an air conditioned room

488. the smell of sunscreen on Emerson's check when I give him a kiss

489. a bubble bath to enjoy once the day is done

490. warm and fluffy towels straight from the dryer

500. being smothered in kisses by Oliver

501. carrying Oliver in a carrier, whispering sillies in his ear

502. two sleeping boys in the car

503. making up one more story to tell Emerson

What are some of the gifts in your life today?



Ashley Brickner said...

I bet that was the best!!! Good for you, love!

Amy said...

Glad you're back! Missed you last week! Cash is so into making up stories & having anyone tell him a made up story, too.