Thursday, June 16, 2016

Oliver / 12 month update

You are 12 months old, Oliver! That's one whole year of life for you! Happy happy one year to you little nugget. We celebrated your birthday in a low key fashion, that's kind of how we do things and you loved every minute of it. I'll write a separate post for your birthday fun, but I wanted to be sure to write your 12 month update before you got too much bigger and before a lot has changed.

At 12 months, you are full of energy and curiosity. You are constantly on the move and love to get your hands on anything and everything you possibly can. Some of your favorite things are the things you should not have, like the fan, cords, outlets, and tiny morsels of who knows what you magically find on the floor. Basically, if you shouldn't have it, you want it and are not happy when it's taken from you. Regardless of what you have, you study it hard. When we read books you study the pages carefully, you look at blocks closely, grass, food, toys. Anything and everything you pick up you like to study. 

You've always been a mama's boy, but now more than ever you are a mama's boy. You must have me or you will not be happy. If friends or family are around you're happy to see them, as long as I'm holding you. If they have you and I'm in the room you won't stand for it and fuss and cry for me, which I think is actually pretty adorable and sweet, but it does make it tricky for others to hold you and me stay in the room and talk with them. I walked into the nursery at church a week or so ago and the moment I stepped inside your little arm that was already wrapped around my arm, tightened into a death hold. You would not let go. Your whole body tightened around me and you started fussing at just the thought of me leaving you there to play. It was too stinking sweet and pitiful that I couldn't bare to part with you and instead I rocked you to sleep and held you during the service. If it works for you, it works for me. 

Some of your favorite things right now are playing outside, swinging [sometimes], eating, playing with Emerson's "special big boy toys" when he's not around, playing with your toys, bath time, sleeping in your own bed, mama, daddy, reading books together [your favorite books are "The Easter Story", "Who Am I? Baby Animals", "Peek-a-boo fun", and the Little People lift the flap books], Little People animals, crawling everywhere, pulling up on anything and everything, playing with my hair [or any hair you can get your little hands on], and your paci.

Right now you love eating almost anything you are given and so far aren't much of a picky eater [I'm praying this doesn't change]. So far, you're less picky than your brother and already eat things that he doesn't. Some of your favorite foods are sweet potatoes, waffles, pancakes, blueberries, green beans, mango, Puffs, and avocado. You also like rice and black beans, pasta noodles, bread, peas, carrots, corn, peaches, animal crackers, Teddy Grams, pretzels, and apples. You've eaten and seemed to like, pork, chicken, hamburger, bacon, sausage  but you don't eat a ton of meat. Mostly because I don't give you much, though, I probably should give you more than I do.  You drink prune juice and water and still nurse once a day right before you go to bed for about 15 or so minutes, though I think we'll be done with nursing very very soon! 

Some of your little habits are playing with hair; you've always played with my hair, even if it's pulled back [which is basically all the time] you weave your tiny fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck and pull a few strands loose and just pull it and run your fingers through it. There are times you like to get a big fistful or two of my hair, and it's sweet and cute, but oh so painful! Sometimes you manage to get one tiny little hair out and then you yank it out and man does that hurt! When you're sleepy you play with my hair or you'll pull at your own hair at the back of your neck. It's a soothing mechanism for you and it is pretty sweet. When someone talks to you, you'll look at them and then put your head down, all bashful like. 

You're still a little nugget and haven't gained much weight since you got sick a few months ago; when we went in for your 12 month well check you weighed 18 pounds and I don't remember how long you are. Sorry. You're still wearing size 3 diapers and we're still using Pampers Swaddlers. You're in size 9 month clothes, but some 6-9 and some 3-6 six shorts!, but you're just long enough to wear 12 month footie pajamas. 

Sleep has been going pretty well. You're taking two naps during the day, one in the morning around 9:30 for about 1-2 hours and one in the afternoon around 1:30 for about 1-2 hours too. Though, each day is different and sometimes naps are super short or super long. But you're taking them and putting yourself to sleep, so that's nice. Bed time is usually around 7:30 for you and you sleep pretty well now. Sometimes you'll wake around 5:30 and then go back to sleep [sometimes not] and sometimes you'll sleep until 6 or 7. But you've been doing a lot better and I am so very thankful. I'm just hoping that talking about your sleeping habits isn't going to jinks it for us! 

Other milestones: you say, hi, bye, wave, and mama. You've started cruising a little but, once you stood on your own for all of .002 seconds. You started clapping the other day and it was so cute to watch you get excited about something and then clap your hands together. You put smaller objects inside bigger ones, stack blocks [or try to], and you blow raspberries. You have 15 teeth. Yes, you read that right, 15 teeth. Boy, you are waaaaaaayyyy ahead of the game when it come to teeth. You had a few rough days and nights when those teeth were popping through, but for the most part you were pretty happy. When you cut your molars [!!!] it was apparent you were in pain and so very uncomfortable, you'd just throw your head or your whole body back and cry. I felt so sad for you. Thankfully it seems as though the worst is behind us. It has to be right, I mean, how many more teeth do you even have to cut?! 

You are such a joy to us, Oliver, and I am so very thankful for you. You have the sweetest and most easy going personality and bring so much joy, laughter, and love into our home. You are so very loved and I hope you always know that, but more importantly I hope and pray you always know how much Jesus loves you and cares for you. I pray for integrity, strength, generosity, and wisdom over you for your life. You are a wonderful gift and blessing and I am so thankful I get to love on you each and every day. Happy First Birthday to you, little nugget! 



Courtney said...

HOLY TEETH!! Mabel got her first tooth like, right before her birthday. Ha! We've got all of 3 now :P

The hair pulling! All the time!

What a sweet little boy though, Hannah. So, so sweet.

Jessica (The Newly) said...

Happy 1st birthday to your sweet Oliver! I've said this a million times now it feels like, but I just can't believe that all of our babies are one and over now. It's crazy. It seems like a big group of us was just pregnant yesterday and now we all have toddlers. Oh, how time flies.

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Happy birthday, sweet boy!! Oh, I how I loved it when my babies used to play with my hair! Olivia will still do it occasionally and I just soak it up every time!

Amy said...

Happy belated 1st birthday Oliver! You are the sweetest! Great job on sleeping! Keep it up for your Mama. :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Those TEETH! Happy birthday to your little man!