Friday, June 3, 2016

the start of summer favorites

one. the perfect sandals
About a month or so ago I ordered a pair of sandals from Zulily when I saw a pair I thought was cute and that looked like they'd be comfortable. I was so excited to get them and they were just as cute in real life as they were in the pictures. They were pretty comfortable too, but at the same time not comfortable. These sandals had one major flaw, for me at least, they were basically plastic. Plastic is good for flip flops, Crocs, and jelly shoes. But for a shoe I was expecting to be a better quality and not plastic, it is not so good. I kept wearing them just to see if it really bothered me or if it was something I could get past. But my feet just got all sticky, sweaty, and sticking to the footbed and it wasn't good. Enter these beauties. I wanted a cute and comfortable sandal for this summer and felt like I had looked everywhere. On a whim I checked Kohl's again and studied their selection of sandals. As soon as I saw these sandals I knew I had to have them and that they were just what I was looking for. Now, usually, I'm not a metallic kind of girl, but there was something about these that I just loved. It didn't hurt that they were [are!] on sale for $19.99 and I had a 30% off coupon to use. Not too shabby if you ask me. It was right after Mother's Day and the thing Landon had picked out for me didn't work quite right, so I took it back and "exchanged" it for these shoes. Nice nice. And now I love them even more than the first day I got them. They are comfortable, easy to slip off and on. They look cute and can be dressed up [well, for me at least, since we all know I'm not a fancy type of girl] for church or a date with a dress or be worn every day with jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. Plus, since they're gold [and a little bi sparkly] they go with everything: brown, black, gray, purple, pink, green.... I could go on. If you are a real fashion person, please don't spoil my happy thoughts of these going with all the colors [though if you did tell me they don't work with it all, I would probably still wear them with all the things ;]. To me they work perfectly with everything and I love them for it. They are the only shoes I need this summer and I love that. And no, this is not a sponsored product at all, I just love them that much, they are my favorite. Also, I wish they came in other colors, they're just that awesome. If you're looking for a comfortable pair of sandals, look no further and go get you some. They're still on sale at Kohl's!

find them here

two. in the morning
Last weekend Landon's family came to visit us. His mom and sisters came Saturday morning and his Dad arrived later that evening since he had a work engagement. When they came, they brought some patio chairs with them for us to use. We actually gave the chairs to one of Landon's sisters last summer since the cushions were gross and unusable. We hadn't been able to find any affordable replacement cushions and figured we'd get rid of the chairs in a year or two anyway, so what was the point. So she took them and Landon's mom found some cushions for them. Since she was moving out of her apartment she no longer had a need for the patio chairs and they were returned to us. At first we weren't crazy about getting the chairs back, but they've made a new home on our small front porch and we have already enjoyed sitting in them anytime we go outside. In the mornings, I've been trying to wake up an hour or so before the boys get up [which is such a hard thing to do when Oliver will wake at 5:30 one morning and 6:40 another morning...] to get ready and have my devotional time. I have found myself loving this time in the morning and I love that I can sit outside on our front porch, read, pray, and just be. The mornings are so sweet and my favorite. I think this will be a habit that will easy to make and stick to!

three. long summer days 
We've only been at this summer gig for a week now, but I have been loving every bit of it. The days seem fuller and at the same time wide open. We've gone swimming, taken walks to the park, played outside, run errands, watched shows, read books. It's been a week of wonderful. I am loving these days and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. It's our favorite. 

four. teething bites
The littlest mister is cutting three molars right now. That's right. Three. As in one, two, three. Molars. So that's been fun. For him. For me. ugh. Poor baby, I feel so bad for him, but I don't know what I can do to help him feel better! Not such a favorite. haha. But that precious little nugget standing on his tiptoes? That is my favorite!

five. cake making
In one week we will celebrate Oliver's first birthday! How is that even possible?! I feel like it's just snuck up on me and I'm not at all prepared. I'm still not certain what his cake will look like, but this weekend I'm going to start working on it. I love making cakes and am looking forward to making one for him. My favorite fun times of fondant are in my future!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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