Thursday, July 28, 2016

Oliver's first birthday!

It's been well over a month since we celebrated Oliver's first birthday. Even though I wrote him a letter and shared an update on him, I never wrote about his birthday and I wanted to be sure I did that before he turned two. At the rate I'm going, if I didn't do it now it probably wouldn't have happened until then. 

We had a simple celebration, as we tend to do most of our celebrating. We spent the day at home complete with our usual naps and play and chores. For any on looker it would have seemed like any other normal day. But the whole day I kept thinking about how far we have come and how crazy it is that my baby is already one. 

While Oliver napped in the morning I made a batch of cupcakes to celebrate his special day that night after dinner. Emerson played and occasionally came in the kitchen to "help" me with cake and frosting.

That afternoon while both boys napped I was able to frost the cooled cupcakes and wrap the rest of Oliver's presents.

For Oliver's cake I went with a simple white cake and buttercream frosting [both dairy free and delicious] I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out.

After our dinner of waffles, blueberries, and bacon - Oliver's favorite meal, we gave him his special cupcake, sang to him, and had fun watching him figure out the cupcake thing.

At first he was a little unsure of what I put in front of him, but he touched the icing, tried it, and then went in for more. So very opposite of what Emerson did - that boy hardly touched his cake. It's so funny how they are so very different.

Oliver ate his entire cupcake and seemed to enjoy every little bite of it [a boy after his mama's heart ;].

Any time after that that I got the cupcakes out to have one he would reach his arms forward and "uh uhh uhh!" for one. haha. He liked the cake and I loved that he loved it.

Emerson enjoyed his cupcake too - only he just ate the topper [more on those another day ;] which is basically pure sugar and nothing more. So, that was great.

After dinner was over and I cleaned the kitchen up, we went upstairs so Oliver could open his birthday gifts! Emerson was more eager to open them than Oliver and had been waiting all day long for Oliver to open his presents. Which really translated to - him opening Oliver's presents. haha.

Not that Oliver seemed to notice or care. He opened/semi-opened a few of his gifts, but Emerson was the one tearing through them like wildfire. He'd pull the tissue paper out then rip out the gift from the bag, throw it to the side, and then start on the next one. That boy can open presents faster than I can sing the ABCs. Tornado I tell ya.

Of course Emerson felt as though all of the gifts were his and that they weren't really Oliver's to play with as he wanted. Thankfully Oliver is pretty chill and was willing to share his gifts. Most of them at least. Oliver got a lot of practical things, but a few books and a little Little People animal set were mixed in as well for fun. When he opened those Little People animals his face lit up like fireworks on the 4th of July. He was so excited. He hugged the box of animals close to him and danced with it. Once I was able to pry the box from his hands I had to make quick work to open it so he could actually hold the animals. Favorite toy by far.

It was a very simple and very sweet celebration. It was really perfect for the way our family does things. I'm so thankful for Oliver and still find it crazy to think that it's been over a year with him in our lives now. It seems so much longer and so much shorter all at the same time. And oh how I wish time would slow down so I always have these sweet little baby days with him.

Of course I had to get a picture with the birthday boy - don't tell anyone that this picture was taken the following morning! ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

beach trip [part 3 :]

Our vacation was a month ago and I've already shared plenty of pictures from our time with family [here, here, and here] and our time at the beach and the pool. However, I'm still not finished! I'm milking this time we had away for all it's worth and then some. haha. So beware, there are more pictures our our beach time today. But don't worry, I don't have many more so it won't last too much longer ;) 

We were very fortunate to have the best beach weather while we were there. The sun was out so it got hot, but it wasn't stifling, and there was usually a little breeze of some sort. Which is really perfect weather for the beach when you have a little one that wants to be held most of the time.  

Since Oliver had to stay in the shade for the most part, we set his little tent and play area up and then everyone else hung out closer to the water and watched Emerson run into the waves and play in the sand.

Sometimes Oliver tried to get out of his pool but it was only when he wanted to be held or wanted a snack. Or if I walked too far away from him. haha. 

Emerson was pretty neglected the whole trip and no one paid any attention to him at all. The poor boy ;)

When Oliver wants you [or some other thing he really wants] he goes for it and it's hard to stop the boy. And when he wants you, it sure does make you feel loved.

We attempted a few family pictures on the beach. While we may not all be looking at the camera, these ones are some of my favorite.  

We are so thankful we were able to enjoy some time away at the beach this year. We're not sure what we're going to do once we move to Kansas, as that's a crazy long drive and a flight is quite costly. So we soaked it up this year!

Monday, July 25, 2016

little gifts [569 - 584]

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are off to a great start to your week. It's Monday so I'm just going to get straight to the little gifts in my right now.

569. walking into the nursery to see Oliver attempting to climb out of the arms holding him and over the rocking chair she's sitting in to reach me

570. finding a breathing pattern as my feet find themselves running

571. a solo trip to the grocery store

572. Oliver falling asleep in his bed, even after dosing off in the car

573. super gule for leather laces

574. hair wet and stuck to little boy's brow and neck from running wild in the field

575. summer clammy feet and skin hugging tight to mine

576. grin spread wide across baby boy's face as he walks with me

577. baby boy's tiny feet pat-patter-pit-patting on the cement as he holds tight my fingers to walk

578. blocks colorfully sprinkled across the floor

579. warm, sticky, heat kissing my skin

580. the color of watermelon on my toes

581. long lazy days

582. tiny hands helping clean the toys up

583. celebrating each toy baby brother puts into the bin

584. baby brother's arms and hands waving wildly in the air after dumping a block in the bag

What are some of the gifts in your life right now?


Friday, July 22, 2016

friday musings

Happy Friday, ladies! Let's get right to it shall we?

one. $2.98 
On Sunday I wanted to get out of the house by myself. I had been with the boys 24/7 [as always] and needed a break. Landon was working from home that day so he was fine with me going during their nap time. Well, lo and behold, a certain little mister Oliver woke a little earlier than I would have liked, so while I didn't get to leave the house by myself, I at least only had the smallest nugget to tote around with me. He's a pretty good little buddy so I was happy to take him to the store. As nice as a solo trip would have been, taking just one nugget [and the baby who doesn't talk at that] felt like a vacation. We wandered the aisles together and he sat happily in the cart babbling and trying to get his hands on whatever he could. I was in need of a new bra so I picked a few to try on - babies change ya, man - and while I was browsing I found some cute little bras for $2.98. Um, yes, please! I looked for my size in any and all of the colors they had marked down for that low, but they ended up only having what I needed in one of the prints, so I got two of them. While I was hoping to find more I didn't and was only a little bummed about that since, well, I managed to pick up two new bras for $2.98. snap. And I had just been contemplating going to Victoria's Secret to look at their selection but decided I couldn't justify spending that much on a bra. When I found this steal, I was even more pumped that I chose Target. Forever and always.

two. 5:33
This week I've been getting up at 5:33 in hopes of having some quiet time before the boys wake up. I have so much enjoyed the calm and quiet of starting my day before the boys wake and feeling ready once they do get up. I do my quiet time, have a cup of coffee, and most mornings am able to blog. It makes me feel good and productive and frees up time I would otherwise use in the afternoons for that. I'm still figuring out what time the boys wake in the morning, but have been keeping it in my planner so I can see their sleep wake pattern. Hopefully it stays like it has been the past few mornings - it's nice!

here [original source unknown]

three. afghans
After the boys have gone to bed at night, I've been working on an afghan. I pulled out some yarn the other day that I had left over from another project I was working on and decided to put my hands to work. It's mindless and relaxing and it's nice to feel like I'm doing something while watching a show at the end of the day. I need to get a little more yarn to complete the project, but it's still nice to feel the yard work through my fingers. While I feel like I should pick a new pattern to make, I'm sticking with the tried and true one I made for both boys. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit? I like what I know? I'm too lazy to try a new pattern? The one I'm working now is just simple and mindless which is why I like it and I think it looks so pretty. If you have any crochet patterns you like let me know, I am open to trying new ones.

four. hot hot hot
The other day I took the boys for our daily morning walk to the park. We left around 9 or so and when we started out there was a very soft breeze. By the time we got to the park, I was melting. But because we were there I stayed for all of four minutes so Emerson could run around a little bit. We didn't last much longer because I decided I didn't want to be a puddle and we headed home for the cool of air conditioning. Today is supposed to be even hotter, so hot that I don't even want to take the boys to the pool. Even though we'd be at the pool, there is little shade and I just hate the heat. So, I think we'll just stay in and call it good. Also, all you preggo mamas out there - you are amazing! I can't imagine being pregnant in this heat [wait, I can, and it is not a happy thought!].

five. happy weekend
I hear the boys stirring so I'll stop here for today. I hope you all have a happy weekend and manage to find a way to stay cool if it's hot in your neck of the woods!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

thursday confessions

I confess . . .

- I love casseroles. They are my favorite. To eat. To make. I could eat casseroles every single night of the week. They're so versatile and so good! But Landon hates them. It makes me so sad. Do you know how much easier meal planning could be if we could have casseroles? How cheap they are to make? Why does he have to hate them? What can I do to get him to like them? They are my favorite!

- yesterday was my birthday, but I didn't tell anyone. I always feel funny telling people it's my birthday [especially on my birthday], even though I'm telling you now. Like on Tuesday we met with a friend and I didn't say a word about my birthday. Yesterday she sent me a text that said, "Happy Birthday ya turd! Why didn't you tell me?!" But yeah.

- my birthday was pretty wonderful, I'm hoping to get a post about it up soon.

- I'm still not done with recaps from our vacation/travels in June. We were gone for three weeks and I don't want just put all the pictures and memories in one post. So even though there are already two vacation recaps up, there are still more to come. sorrynotsorry.

- another thing I have yet to write about it Oliver's birthday. momfail? It a work in progress and it will get done, if only for him to look back on one day.

- I have lots of posts planned for the next week or so and that's extremely rare for me.

- while summer is great and all, I prefer the cold temperatures of winter. I think. ;)

- a few days ago I started contemplating running again. Thought about signing up for and running a half. Thought about just getting my booty out the door for a half hour a few times a week. I love how I felt while I was running [though of course it was never while I was running, just after the run was over, ya know?] and would love to feel healthy and a little fit like that again.

- I'll think about running for a week or two before I actually start doing it. If I decide to run. haha

- I was talking to a mom about baby-sitting for her in the fall, but after discussing it with her it just won't work out so, I'm officially not baby-sitting anymore and it's a huge relief. Baby-sitting ain't an easy job.

- the other day I starting brainstorming Halloween costumes for the boys this year. Obviously I have a problem.

- I wish jump roping was as good for me as running.

That's all I've got for today. I hope you ladies have a lovely day!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

pool days at the beach [part 2]

A few days while we were in Florida, Landon had to go to a conference so the boys and I would go to the pool with his parents and sisters while he was in his meetings. Fun for us, probably not so much fun for him. It was nice that his family was there to help me with the boys while he was gone though. Littles around water makes me so nervous! The other day I talked about playing at the beach, today it's all about the pool. 

Oliver was especially fussy for our entire trip. I'm not sure if it was because he was cutting two teeth [one of which was a molar], if separation anxiety was getting the best of him, if he was just unhappy because he was out of his normal element and routine, if he was having a reaction to his recent vaccinations, or if it was a combination of all of those things. Whatever it was though, the poor little nugget had a rough week. Some mornings he would let Landon's family walk him around in the stroller and some mornings he just wanted me to hold him. What ever he wanted, that's what we did :)

Emerson loved having his Poppy, GeGe, and aunties around to play with all the time and they played a lot in the pool. He'd get in the water once we got to the pool and would stay in the water until he wanted a little snack, then he'd eat and get right back in until it was time to leave at lunch time.

Boy loved the pool.

Oliver on the other hand, wasn't such a fan. It could have been because of the reasons I mentioned above [he did not feel good that week] or because he just didn't like the pool. Who knows. Although I'm going to say it's because he wasn't feeling well since he has had fun splashing in the pool water since we've been home.

He was happy to be in the pool as long as I was holding him. We tried putting him in a float a few times, but he didn't really care for it at all and would try to climb his way out. So I held him and we played with Emerson that way. 

Because Emerson loved the pool so much and because it was so much easier [no sand, no carting chairs and all] to get to, we spent a lot of time there. We usually had the pool to ourselves [or mostly to our selves] since we would get there so early in the mornings - and who gets up that early? Us, that's who ;)

Once a lot of people started coming to the pool Emerson wasn't as crazy about swimming, and sat on the chairs with me and his aunties. Thankfully there was a smaller pool that was never very crowded, so we would just walk over to that pool and he'd be a little fish again until it was lunch time.

I loved those days of fun in the sun with my boys.