Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July [a recap]

Before Monday got even further away from us, I figured I might as well do a little reap of our weekend. It was fairly quite and really low key. We didn't have any cook outs or parties or anything that we went to. The weekend was spent at home doing a little of this and that, but mostly a lot of nothing. On Monday the boys and I just hung out and Landon worked for most of the day. I tried to get some pictures of the boys, but my goodness it is getting so tricky to get them both sitting still, let alone smiling, at the same time! 

It rained for most of Monday, but we just stayed inside and played and ran to the store for a few things after Oliver's morning nap. The night before, Emerson was rudely awakened from his sleep by popping fireworks. He was terrified. So we talked to him a lot about fireworks and the following day he wanted to buy some. I think to see what they were really like and all about. We found sparklers, and I called it good.

Once Landon got home, he started the grill so we could have hotdogs for dinner, which is about as festive as it got around here. I would have loved to have fixed some cute little patriotic dessert or treat but there was really no reason to. So we kept it simple. While the grill was getting hot, we went out front and lit the sparklers.

It was fun and Emerson took his job of holding the sparkler far away from him very seriously. 

Even Oliver joined in the fun for a little bit.

After our sparkler fun, we had dinner and went for a walk in the field behind our house. It was a quite way to spend the day, but it was sweet and just the same.

I hope you all had a fun day celebrating!


Ashley Brickner said...

You three are adorable! Yay for a laid back fourth!

Amy said...

I have that shirt. :) Good ole Target!

What a great, laid back holiday!

Julie said...

The overalls are super cute. We had a low key 4th also.