Tuesday, July 19, 2016

a trip to the beach [part 1]

One month ago, we were at the beach. We traveled for about three weeks in June and a beach trip was in the middle of our trip. It's crazy to think that it was already a month ago that we were at the beach! Where has time gone? Also, can we please go back? Right now.  

Anyhow, before any more time goes by I wanted to be sure to share a post about our time at the beach. This is the space I use as a memory book/journal of sorts and this beach trip is something I'll always want to remember. Just a little warning: there are lots of pictures!

It was Oliver's first time at the beach. It was so fun taking him for the first time and taking Emerson back to the beach. The last time we went to the beach was about two years ago and Emerson was still pretty little and unsure about the ocean - a lot has changed since then. This time around Emerson loved the beach even more, especially on the last day [of course], and really enjoyed chasing the waves and playing in the sand.

Oliver wasn't such a fan of the ocean or the sand, but he still seemed to enjoy himself a little bit.

For the most part Oliver hugged my neck really tight and wouldn't let me go. If I wasn't holding him, I had to be within arms reach [not just at the beach or pool either]. Not that I cared, I love his sweet hugs.

Emerson loved having GeGe, Poppy, and Landon's sisters there to play with and shower him with attention all day every day. He was never lacking for a playmate. It made it nice for us, considering I was basically holding Oliver the whole time - he did not want anyone else - and couldn't really play with Emerson and Landon had a conference he had to go to while we were there.

I was a little worried about how Oliver would nap while on vacation. He takes a morning and afternoon nap,  since Emerson naps in the afternoon too I figured I'd just take both boys up to the room for nap time. But I didn't want to be up in the room a ton, so I was hoping Oliver would take his morning nap at the beach or pool so I could still enjoy being outside with Emerson and the rest of our family.

Thankfully Oliver was happy oblige and he let me rock him to sleep in the mornings. I tried to lay him on a towel in the shade, but he wasn't crazy about that. So instead I sat in the shade wherever we were and he just napped while curled up on me. It was basically perfect. I read a book while holding my sweet sleeping babe and enjoyed the sun warming my legs. It was my favorite.

For the few times Oliver wanted to play, we had a little pool that we set up on the beach and filled up with ocean water [and when I say "we filled it up" I really mean everyone except for me ;] for Oliver to splash in. He was content to sit in his little pool and play by himself if he wasn't napping or eating a snack.

He played in the sand a little bit too, or rather ate the sand. So we tried to stick to his little pool. And  used a ton of baby powder to get the sand off his little hands and legs.

A few times Emerson played with Oliver in the little beach pool and they splashed around.

He was happy to do that as long as I was nearby, but if I walked away that [in the above picture] is what happened. haha.

We enjoyed our time at the beach a lot. I'll save the rest of our beach trip for another day. I was going to share it all today, but there are lots of pictures and lots of things I don't want to skip over!


Leslie @ This is For Keeps said...

Great pictures! Sounds like a fun beach trip. We took Mila once when she was 14 months but we haven't been back since. I'm dying to go again! Taking the pool was such a great idea!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

What an amazing trip! And such a great idea to bring the pool with you. I wish we had thought of that when Jacob was tiny. He hates the ocean!

Amy said...

We have yet to take the boys on a beach trip & I'm so hoping we can do that next summer! It looks like the weather was just perfect!