Friday, July 15, 2016


one. treasure found 
The other day the boys and I went to the park in the morning. We played and had fun and then headed back home in time for Oliver's nap. As we were walking back we saw a nice little rocking giraffe baby toy on the curb. There was a giant moving truck in front of their house, and they were packing up. As we passed the giraffe and I saw a sign taped to it, "Free to a good home." I figured since we were a good home, we might as well take it with us. Emerson held onto it and both boys have loved playing with it ever since and it's become a very hot commodity.

two. a chance encounter 
Once Oliver woke up from his morning nap we decided to go on another walk before lunch [maybe to see if there were any other treasures for us to find. maybe not ;] and while we were out we ended up stoping at the park one more time. There were two other moms there with their kids, they were obviously friends and it looked like they had catching up to do. One of the moms lives in our neighborhood and I know her, we actually went to the Hearts at Home together last year. I saw her friend and at first glance she looked really familiar to me. As Emerson played around at the park I kept sneaking [hopefully] non-creepy glances her way, because after a second glance I knew her. And after a third place, I knew it was Holly. A girl who lived on my floor Freshman year of college [over ten years ago!]. It had to be her. They kept talking and I became more and more certain it was her. But kept telling myself it couldn't be, but it was... I decided if an opportunity rose, and at the very least, before we headed home, I would tell her that I couldn't help myself, but she looked so familiar, and are you Holly? But she beat me to it, saying I looked so familiar to her. Of course I agreed with her and said, "Are you Holly? From Olivet?" "Yes!" "I'm Hannah" "Yes! Missionary?" "Yes!" and then we were both amazed at how after all these years here we were on the same playground with our little ones running around. Crazy I tell you. We caught up really quickly, but hopefully will be able to get together sometime soon and throughout the coming months.

three. tot splash pool 
Last Friday a girl from my small group invited me and the boys to go to a park in town that has a little splash pad for toddlers. I agreed and was even more excited when I found out it was only $3 for all three of us to go! Since you know, the boys are free. It opens at 7, which is perfect for us, and we had the pool nearly all to ourselves for an hour and a half or so. Around 10 o'clock more moms and toddlers started to come, one of which was Bee and her mom. Emerson was so excited and in disbelief that his best friend was there too! They played together the whole time we were there were so sad when it was time to say good-bye. This morning when I woke up I decided to take the boys again, I mean, why not? We asked Bee and her mom to come and another little friend and it was fun to have to pool nearly all to ourselves again for a while and to play with Bee. I saw a girl from my Bible study group who was there with her kids, so that was a fun surprise too. Oliver remembered from last week and nearly dove into the pool when I walked past it. He was timid last week, but today? He was all about it.

four. pink and purple drinks 
Since we stayed a while at the pool to make the most of our money, Oliver missed his morning nap. In hopes of getting him to snooze for a little bit I decided to take the long way home and stop at Starbucks for a little treat. It worked and he got a nice little nap in and I got to try something new. Last week I tried the 'purple drink' and today I got the 'pink drink'. They are both very tasty and I'm not sure which one is my favorite. One's passion fruit the other strawberry. They're both so good! And, just so you know, the purple drink is $1 cheaper than the pink drink. ;)

five. bedtime adjustment? 
I've mentioned a few times how my boys are early risers. This week I started trying to actively help them learn to sleep in a little bit later [read: after 5:30/6]. My first move was testing out a black out curtain - I taped up a sheet to see if that would help. I kind of did and I just decided to go for the blackout curtains, in both rooms. Emerson has brown ones, so it makes it dark. Oliver has a little lighter ones since I wanted them to kind of match the laundry room colors. It makes it a ton darker, but not blackout like the brown ones do. I'm just trying to decide if I should forget about the cute matching curtains and go for navy or some other color that just doesn't go, or settle for a darker room, but not a blacked out room. Thoughts? Any experience you have with blackout curtains would be welcome. I'm also testing out putting them to bed a little later in hopes that it will help them sleep in later. One day in, and it did nothing. So, yeah.

That's all I have for now. I hope you all have a good weekend!


Jillian said...

We have blackout curtains in both kids rooms! We found that hanging the curtain rod almost all the way to the ceiling makes for a darker room- and that really has seemed to make a difference! Sure hope you get to sleep in sometime soon!!!!

Amy said...

What a week! And what a small world! That little splash pad looks so fun!

We have blackout curtains in both boys rooms & they are still up around 5:30/6 every single day. I've just learned to accept that they are early risers. And it doesn't matter too much if they go to bed later, they are usually up at their normal time. haha!

Hope you've had a great weekend!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

What an awesome find in that rocking horse! Don't you love it when you find cool free stuff like that??

We have blackout curtains in both kids' rooms and it does seem to help them fall asleep better. We live on the edge of the eastern time zone so the sun sets REALLY late here during the summer... like it doesn't get completely dark until 9:15 - 9:30. Because of this, when the kids go to bed at 8, it is still totally sunny and bright in their rooms and they both seemed to be confused as to way they were going to bed when it still looked like the middle of the day. It has definitely helped both of them fall asleep faster and sleep longer in the morning as well.