Tuesday, July 5, 2016

little gifts [504 - 527]

Through the week I keep making note of the little gifts given each day. I know there are some [a lot] I miss and I know there are some I forget to write down. But I love when I do remember to write them down, because it makes it so easy to see all the ways my life is full of joy.

504. brown rabbit hopping long across the grass

505. grey skies on a July day

506. hot mug of coffee

507. the familiarity of home

508. short visit from my parents

509. Oliver crawling to me to give me a hug and kisses

510. clean dishes drying on the counter

511. a brown baby bunny playing chase with his mama in the morning dew

512. four blue eggs nestled in their home

513. Emerson's arms holding tight around my neck

514. the smell of campfire lingering on cloth the morning after

515. watching fish swim in the deep lake water

516. roasting a dinner of hot dogs in the fire

517. sand sticking to my hot skin

518. cool pool water hugging me with relief

519. soft baby skin on mine

520. tiny hand holding tight my finger

521. cool, misty morning to welcome July

522. early morning walk to welcome the sun

523. colors filling the page

524. going to my sister's house for dinner

525. squeals over fruit cups and dinner nearly ready

526. bubbles building high in the bath

527. long days playing with Landon's family

What are some of the gifts in your life right now?

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