Monday, July 11, 2016

little gifts [528 - 552]

For some reason the last few days my boys have been waking up extra early. Instead of the normal 6:30 - 7 o'clock-ish hour, it's become the 5:30ish hour. And it's far too early for me. Though I'm usually awake [or getting out of bed] at that time, it's supposed to be a quiet hour[s]  in the morning when the boys sleep and I read, pray, and write. Will someone please help me and tell me the secret to getting your baby and toddler to sleep until a decent hour, say 7 or 8?! I will send you dinner for a week [or at least one night] if you have the winning suggestion and can help me get my boys to "sleep-in". Who will the winner be?!

Although this morning is starting off a little differently than I would prefer, there is still such a sweetness to watching Oliver play by himself in the early morning hours, undisturbed by his big brother's antics, "hugs", and "sharing." Which allows me to read, pray, and write out my little gift list. He is one of my biggest gifts and I'm so thankful for his sweet little life, even if sometimes he likes to greet the morning sun earlier than I would like ;].

528. evening walks to the park

529. Emerson's red sticky face, from running free on a hot summer night

530. Oliver rocking his body back and forth. dancing.

531. little pool with cool water to splash and refresh in

532. smile and joy spread wide on Emerson's face as he slides down into the cool of the water

533. tiny hands splashing the water

534. the excitement of seeing friends by surprise

535. two little besties running wild and free together

536. two sets of little hands climbing all over me

537. a special, secret hideout cave tunnel

536. the delight of lights glowing in the dark cave

537. babbles and songs in baby speak

538. freshly picked wild flowers

539. long quiet days

540. familiar faces at church

541. a healing Father

542. tiny arms waving spastic. excited.

543. "Ma! Ma! Ma! Mamma!" being sung all the day long.

544. two pearly whites, freshly poked through the gum.

545. peace about the coming months.

546. Oliver rolling over to sleep by himself.

547. reading the same book five dozen times.

548. little hands covering me, shhishing me to "go to sleep."

549. chatting with a dear friend, catching up on life.

550. baby splashing happily in the tub.

551. little hands digging in the sandbox.

552. wee morning hours, with just me and Oliver.

What are some of the gifts in your life right now?

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Jessica (The Newly) said...

Sometimes the climbing all over me annoys me and I just want a few moments to myself, but then I find myself so grateful for the tiny little people doing the climbing, I realize that I don't mind. Sh I'll take the climbing, clambering little hands:)

Little gifts I am thankful for: sweet little curls turning into ringlets in the pool, mischievous toddler boy grins as he builds "prizes" to show me, and sweet, precious moments alone with my husband, just chatting quietly on our back porch, relishing some down time together after both kids are asleep.