Monday, July 18, 2016

little gifts [553 - 568]

I love Mondays, if for the sole reason of counting my little gifts. It helps me keep things in perspective and makes me stop to be thankful for things that I would otherwise look past. This Monday is no different, so here area some of the little gifts in my life lately . . . 

553. a bright yellow belly bird skipping through the green grass

554. couch cuddles with Emerson on a grey stormy morning

555. waving "bye-bye poops! bye poops!" as Emerson flushes his poops in the potty

556. baby round face, lighting up in a giant grin, coming fast closer to me

557. Oliver lunging to swim and crawl in the tot pool

558. a quiet early morning on the porch

559. browsing aisles of books at the library

560. freshly painted pink toe nails

561. getting a gift to send in the mail

562. working on a dream

563. mornings at the park

564. a big red fire engine and firemen letting the boys climb in to drive

565. going on errands with only the baby in tow

566. freshly baked zucchini bread for supper

567. sweeping the kitchen floor after every meal

568. summer green rolling hills spotted with round hay bales

What are some of the gifts in your life today? Can you find any, even in the midst of the every day mundane, the times of celebration, the times of sorrow? There are always little gifts to be had, what are yours?

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