Wednesday, July 13, 2016

seeing more grandparents

After spending a few days with Landon's family and getting to see my sister a few times, we packed up again and headed south. We were going to Nashville to see some friends and then to stay with my grandparents for a night. Our visit with our friends was short but sweet, it's always nice to see old friends and catch up for a little bit.

We ended up getting to my grandparent's house around dinner time and it just so happened that it was my Grandma's birthday. Is it bad that I had no idea it was her birthday until we got there and my aunt told me? Whoops. It was fun to be able to celebrate with them though and they had a nice dinner and birthday cake! While my aunt was finished dinner, my grandma was sent away from the kitchen so she could relax and do nothing. That when I found out she's a fan of Gilmore Girls. What?! I'm not sure why I was so surprised, but I loved that she was watching that show. 

Once the boys were in bed we played Catan [which I won!] before sneaking into the room for a hopeful good night of sleep. All four of us were sharing one small room and our prayer that night was that the boys would sleep. They did pretty well, but Oliver ended up waking up a few times and I'd hold him until he went back to sleep - can't have his cries waking brother bear, or the rest of the house.

We spent a leisurely morning at my grandparent's house the next day doing a little of this and that, but mostly a whole lot of nothing. My grandpa went out to get donuts for breakfast, we played outside and inside, and were able to just sit around and visit. Oliver took a really good morning nap and while he napped I loaded the car for the next part of our trip. 

After lunch we packed the last few things and then headed further south to Birmingham area where we were going to visit Landon's old pastor, the one who married us over seven years ago. We made it to the hotel before our room was ready, but thankfully they were able to get us into a different room, we changed Oliver, let Emerson run around, unloaded a few bags, and then headed out for dinner at Chick-fil-a [something we miss in Illinois] and to pick up some food for Oliver at Wal-Mart. Landon's family arrived later that night and after a quick hello to Emerson, the boys went to bed.

Sunday morning we enjoyed seeing our pastor and visiting his church. I was able to walk around and explore a lot of it because Oliver was fussing from being sleepy. As he dozed off I saw different Sunday School classrooms and just a lot of the church. It was a nice little visit and a nice way to start Father's Day. Unfortunately [maybe?] for Landon his gift was packed in the very depths of our car so he had to wait all day for his Father's Day gift, but he didn't seem to mind. I think if I had somehow managed to make it so we didn't have to drive any more/the boys were good in the car the whole time/we were already to the beach he would have thought that was the best present ever. But I couldn't do that. I tried to get the boys [mainly Oliver] to be as happy as possible during the car ride, which included crawling to the backseat and sitting next to him so he could hold my hand and play with my hair. So I guess that was a good gift, a not screaming baby during a long car ride is alway sa plus. That afternoon we finally made it to the beach and it was so nice to be there. The boys were thrilled to be out of the car and to be able to run around. Emerson loved that Poppy, GeGe, and two of his aunties were there to play with him and give him undivided attention. But I'll share more on that later ;) 


Amy said...

I love that your Grandma loves Gilmore Girls! And secondly, you look so much like your Grandma!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Oh grandparents are simply the best! And how wonderful that you were able to be there for some celebrating!