Friday, July 1, 2016

some friday favorites

Both the boys are napping [for now], so let's get right to it . . .

baseball hats
For some reason, this summer I decided I needed a hat. A regular baseball hat. Most days we spend as much time as possible outside, and it's sunny and hot. A little shade always goes a long way, you know? So one afternoon while I was running errands I started keeping my open for a hat. Thankfully, I found one - and it was on super sale. It was the only one I had seen since I started my search. And then the other day, I saw this hat and fell in love. I don't really need it, but boy do I want it. It's my favorite. 

a new hoodie 
Each year when we go visit my sister for Thanksgiving [or anytime I go visit] in Minnesota, I get to play dress up in her awesome clothes. She's always happy to share and let me borrow a hoodie or coat while we're up there, and anything else I might feeling like wearing. She's nice like that. It's a perk of having older sisters. One of my favorite things to borrow while I'm visiting her are her hoodies. She has quite the collection and they are so warm and I love them. Well, the other day, she surprised me and gave me one. I am in love with it and can't wait for the fall and winter to come so I can wear it all the time. haha. It's my favorite

the real deal 
The other night we were walking through the mall and I spotted a pair of Birkenstocks. I have some similar [and they are my favorite and I love them], but I wanted to try on a pair of the real ones. And man, do I get why they're so expensive. They are amazing and my new favorite. Birthday present? Maybe?

Usually I'm not crazy about shorts, but this summer, they are all I've been wearing. They're just so perfect for chasing two little ones around in on these hot summer days. I've found a few good deals here and there and am loving these ones right now.

bathtime woes 
In other news, Oliver has recently started hating bath time. It makes me so sad because he used to love it so much and it was our favorite time of day. But now? He just cries and tries to escape the whole time. I try to get him washed as quickly as possible, but it's really tricky to do with a slippery little wiggly nugget who you're trying to keep water and soap out of his eyes while at the same time keep him from planting his face in the water. Help? How do we make bath time a favorite time of day again?

Anyhow, Happy Friday to you and Happy 4th of July weekend! I hope it's a good one with lots of friends, family, and fun.


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Courtney said...

Mabel is all over the place during bathtime now! I've had to stop doing sister baths because I can't keep tabs on both of them during it!

I love that hat and that sweater and those shorts!! Great finds!