Thursday, July 7, 2016

summertime on the farm

Three weeks ago we packed our bags full of clothes, food, blankets, medicine, sound machines, sunscreen, beach toys, and a whole lot more, then we loaded it all into our car Monday morning. Once we had cleaned up all of our breakfast dishes [and the floor that's constantly littered on by certain little people], and gotten the last minute things together, we pulled out of our driveway for nearly three long weeks. And let me tell you, two and a half to three weeks is a long time to be gone from home. Especially with little children. Especially with a baby who had just mastered the art of sleeping in his own bed. Through the night. And putting himself to sleep in his bed for naps and bedtime. But we had plans and we couldn't stay home just because I knew the baby would sleep better [no matter how much I wanted to]. So we packed up and headed out. 

We drove a few hours and made pretty good time, only stopping once or twice for potty breaks and lunch. The boys slept off and on and around dinner time we got to Landon's sister's house. She had picked up some food for us and we ate a quick dinner and then walked around her neighborhood, visiting the ducks at a nearby pond and a little playground. One of Landon's cousins, who lives nearby, came over to see us and let our boys, who are around the same age, play together. It was a sweet little visit, and then we buckled the boys back into the car and headed to Landon's parent's house. By the time we got there it was well past the boys' bedtime, but the boys were patient with us until we put them to bed and Emerson was all but happy to run around and play with Gigi and Poppy while we set up beds and changed the boys. Thankfully both boys slept really well that night and we all got some much needed rest. 

In the morning Landon's grandparents came over to visit once we'd eaten breakfast. They stayed and played with the boys for a little while and then we went to visit my sister who recently moved to Landon's hometown. 

While we were visiting family, we were able to take the boys over to Landon's grandparent's house one morning so Emerson could ride the tractor and we could play at their farm. Oh, how he loves to go to the farm and drive that tractor. 

It just so happened that while we were there, Oliver started cutting his 15th and 16th teeth [yikes!] and he started becoming incredibly attached to me. He's always been a mama's boy, but man, this trip really did him in. He wanted nothing to do with anyone else, and even if I just walked a few steps away from him, he would get the most pitiful look on his face and his pout would turn into a little wail. Poor guy. As long as I was holding him he was more than happy to talk to and smile at others, but if he was taken from my arms... nope. He sure knows how to make me feel loved. haha. And I do love it, I know that one day he'll only want his daddy or his friends and I will long for these days with his tiny arms clenching tight my neck.

The few days we spent in Kentucky were full of visiting family and enjoying the simple things in life.

Even though being away from home with two littles can be stressful [and adjusting back to our home routine/good sleeping habits is not my favorite], it is always nice to look back on the time we had with family. Emerson loves visiting the farm, Gigi and Poppy, watching the cows, and riding the tractor.

I'm so thankful for the time we were able to spend with family, but boy am I happy to be back home! Now if Oliver would just remember how to fall asleep on his own and stay asleep! 


Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Oh how special! I used to spend a week during the summer with my great grandmother on her farm every year. I have the best memories from those days!

Courtney said...

Aw I love this! Getting to visit the grandparents is always SO special. Wonderful memories!

Amy said...

What a special vacation! And how cool that your sister & family moved there, too. That will make the visits extra special! How long of a ride is it?

Callie said...

Oh, it looks like a nice trip!