Wednesday, July 20, 2016

pool days at the beach [part 2]

A few days while we were in Florida, Landon had to go to a conference so the boys and I would go to the pool with his parents and sisters while he was in his meetings. Fun for us, probably not so much fun for him. It was nice that his family was there to help me with the boys while he was gone though. Littles around water makes me so nervous! The other day I talked about playing at the beach, today it's all about the pool. 

Oliver was especially fussy for our entire trip. I'm not sure if it was because he was cutting two teeth [one of which was a molar], if separation anxiety was getting the best of him, if he was just unhappy because he was out of his normal element and routine, if he was having a reaction to his recent vaccinations, or if it was a combination of all of those things. Whatever it was though, the poor little nugget had a rough week. Some mornings he would let Landon's family walk him around in the stroller and some mornings he just wanted me to hold him. What ever he wanted, that's what we did :)

Emerson loved having his Poppy, GeGe, and aunties around to play with all the time and they played a lot in the pool. He'd get in the water once we got to the pool and would stay in the water until he wanted a little snack, then he'd eat and get right back in until it was time to leave at lunch time.

Boy loved the pool.

Oliver on the other hand, wasn't such a fan. It could have been because of the reasons I mentioned above [he did not feel good that week] or because he just didn't like the pool. Who knows. Although I'm going to say it's because he wasn't feeling well since he has had fun splashing in the pool water since we've been home.

He was happy to be in the pool as long as I was holding him. We tried putting him in a float a few times, but he didn't really care for it at all and would try to climb his way out. So I held him and we played with Emerson that way. 

Because Emerson loved the pool so much and because it was so much easier [no sand, no carting chairs and all] to get to, we spent a lot of time there. We usually had the pool to ourselves [or mostly to our selves] since we would get there so early in the mornings - and who gets up that early? Us, that's who ;)

Once a lot of people started coming to the pool Emerson wasn't as crazy about swimming, and sat on the chairs with me and his aunties. Thankfully there was a smaller pool that was never very crowded, so we would just walk over to that pool and he'd be a little fish again until it was lunch time.

I loved those days of fun in the sun with my boys.

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Amy said...

You guys sure packed in a ton of stiff on vacation! I'm so glad Emerson had a great time! He is looking so big!