Thursday, July 21, 2016

thursday confessions

I confess . . .

- I love casseroles. They are my favorite. To eat. To make. I could eat casseroles every single night of the week. They're so versatile and so good! But Landon hates them. It makes me so sad. Do you know how much easier meal planning could be if we could have casseroles? How cheap they are to make? Why does he have to hate them? What can I do to get him to like them? They are my favorite!

- yesterday was my birthday, but I didn't tell anyone. I always feel funny telling people it's my birthday [especially on my birthday], even though I'm telling you now. Like on Tuesday we met with a friend and I didn't say a word about my birthday. Yesterday she sent me a text that said, "Happy Birthday ya turd! Why didn't you tell me?!" But yeah.

- my birthday was pretty wonderful, I'm hoping to get a post about it up soon.

- I'm still not done with recaps from our vacation/travels in June. We were gone for three weeks and I don't want just put all the pictures and memories in one post. So even though there are already two vacation recaps up, there are still more to come. sorrynotsorry.

- another thing I have yet to write about it Oliver's birthday. momfail? It a work in progress and it will get done, if only for him to look back on one day.

- I have lots of posts planned for the next week or so and that's extremely rare for me.

- while summer is great and all, I prefer the cold temperatures of winter. I think. ;)

- a few days ago I started contemplating running again. Thought about signing up for and running a half. Thought about just getting my booty out the door for a half hour a few times a week. I love how I felt while I was running [though of course it was never while I was running, just after the run was over, ya know?] and would love to feel healthy and a little fit like that again.

- I'll think about running for a week or two before I actually start doing it. If I decide to run. haha

- I was talking to a mom about baby-sitting for her in the fall, but after discussing it with her it just won't work out so, I'm officially not baby-sitting anymore and it's a huge relief. Baby-sitting ain't an easy job.

- the other day I starting brainstorming Halloween costumes for the boys this year. Obviously I have a problem.

- I wish jump roping was as good for me as running.

That's all I've got for today. I hope you ladies have a lovely day!

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Amy said...

I loooove casseroles! I makea delicious zucchini & squash casserole. It is sooooo yummy!

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I love casseroles and thankfully so does my family. They are so quick and easy. Do you have any favorites? I started running again and it feels great. I had to start off slow since it had been almost two years, but I am getting better and better with each run. I have been running for 7 weeks now and hope to sign up for my first race soon too. I am also thinking about Halloween costumes too. The planner in us. Ha.

Jessica said...

Would love to hear some of your fave casseroles! Anything yummy and easy sounds good to me:) I have been thinking about Halloween costumes too - never too early!:) Hope you had a very happy birthday, sweet girl!

Leslie @ This is For Keeps said...

Happy belated birthday!! Glad you had a wonderful day!