Thursday, August 18, 2016

confessions [of the ailment variety]

It's seems like it's been a little bit since I've shared some confessions, so I figured today I'd do just that.

I confess . . .

- I've been getting up early each morning and have been loving the quiet time before the boys [Landon included] wake up.

- on the rare occasion Landon wakes up early too, it throws me off and I feel like I don't get to enjoy that "me time".

- three is a hard age.

- after a little more than two decades of wearing glasses and contacts [that makes me sound old!] I am going to see if I can get Lasik! I am so excited about this possibility and am praying I'm eligible and that I can have it done.

- assuming [and hoping!] I can actually have Lasik, I'm terrified of the actual surgery!

- my first few sales for my shop made my day! I'm so excited to see where this little shop goes - hopefully far!

- while at the doctor the other day to see about some skin tags [ugh], I asked him about a little varicose vein I have. He said if I were his wife he'd send me to the vein specialist and they'd tell me to wear compression socks and then maybe do a few other things if that doesn't help. Well, I wasn't about to make a special trip to the specialist if a doctor told me compression socks would be the first step. So I ordered some special socks hoping they will help.

- after ordering my special socks, I saw some compression sleeves and decided those would be better.  So I ordered some, then some more due to wrong sizes and shipping address! At this point I'm pretty sure I've placed three or four orders for one item! yikes. Lots of returns to do.

- I'm kind of excited to get the compression sleeves. Does that make me old?

- I'm over short weather and Summer. Bring on the jeans, Fall days, and festivities.

- my hair has kind of gone wild recently. I feel like having babies ruined changed my hair. Now I actually have to fix it. eeesh.

That's all for today :) Happy Thursday!


Leslie @ This is For Keeps said...

I wore glasses or contacts starting when I was 6 years old - I had LASIK when I was 26. I've been lens-free for 10 years now and it's been AMAZING. I had absolutely terrible eyesight (my contacts were -13 and -14). When I first went for a consultation, I wasn't a candidate for LASIK because I had worn contacts for so long, they had actually changed the shape of my eyes. I had to go without contacts for 1 or 2 months I believe - I went back to the vision center every few weeks before they finally told me I was good to go. I am a HUGE baby but the surgery was seriously a piece of cake. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. Good luck! Hope you can have it done!!

Jessica said...

I would LOVE to have LASIK, as my vision without contacts and glasses is terrible!!! I've never really looked into it though. It is covered by insurance? And girl. I have some veins in my legs too. But mine are more of the spider variety (yet another side effect of having children) so I think I'll have to have mine lasered - don't think compression does much for spider veins. Ugh. So excited for you and your store! If you decide to do any paci clips with any of those presh fabrics (especially the deer print), let me know!!! I already have a couple of diaper clutches, or I would absolutely snag one from you! They are so cute!!!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I've been wearing glasses/contacts since I was ten. I would love to have Lasik done as well and I can't wait to see how everything goes for you!

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I hope you get to do lasik. I don't wear glasses, but I know it has changed my friends lives. I want Fall weather and jeans too. It's so hot here and I want to do all the fall things. I can't wait. I bet 3 is heard. 1 1/2 has been tough lately. Ha. I had spider veins and I had some injections to help them "die", but since having kids, I have more and want to do it again. I wore the compression socks/sleeves for awhile after the injections.

Courtney said...

My hair is totally jacked post kids too. I feel you!