Tuesday, August 2, 2016

little gifts [585 - 600]

I missed this yesterday, so thought I'd share a few gifts today.

585. Emerson's lips and tongue blue from a sucker

586. spontaneous stop at the raccoon park on the way home

587. watching water waving with the wind while standing on a bridge above

588. a bumble bee resting on a flower

589. collecting beauty with the boys

590. white hydrangeas, freshly picked, on my kitchen table

591. tiny knees colored brown from crawling in the dirt

592. sisters-in-law come for a weekend visit

593. gifts for a baby girl, tied with brown string

594. hands working on a secret surprise

595. going to the post office to send a package

596. new ideas running round my head

597. three coasters, black and bumpy, scattered across the living room floor

598. slow afternoons

599. fitting fat foamy puzzle pieces together - over and over

600. babe splashing happily in the tub

What gifts are in your life right now?


Ashley Brickner said...

These are just so sweet! Love the little details!

Hall Around Texas said...

I love that you track all of these 'little' moments that make up the 'bigger' things in life! So awesome.