Tuesday, August 9, 2016

little gifts [601 - 616]

601. white blossoms resting in water

602. sitting outside on a cool summer evening 

603. two boys sleeping asleep during a long car ride

604. the conversation of three year olds

605. orange reflection of the sun dancing on the pond 

606. calling the ducks to come have a snack 

607. soft summer sun, lightly warm summer evening, two boys filling the air with squeals of delight 

608. stained and dirty clothes coming out of the wash white and fresh 

609. weeks of sleepless nights of preparation sitting in a stack of papers, thick as a Bible, waiting on the table to be presented 

610. fresh flower dust sprinkled on the table 

611. every answer to prayer

612. lonely evenings and nights - trying to find the good in them 

613. braving the heat for a ramble at the park 

614. tiny nose scrunched tight in delight 

615. sixteen tiny teeth spreading wide in a smile 

616. baby soft arms, purposefully resting around my neck 

For all these gifts I am so very thankful. What are some of yours? 


1 comment:

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Two boys asleep in the car! Nothing better!!!