Wednesday, August 31, 2016

little gifts [645 - 663]

So, I realize today is Wednesday - where has this week gone?! - and I usually do these little gift posts on Monday, but this week has been slightly off, so I'm just going to pretend today is my Monday. Mmmmk? Also, that will make Friday come a lot sooner, you know, if I pretend today is Monday ;)

645. blank pages of a new journal, waiting to be filled

646. the comfort of home

647. dishes, clean and drying on the counter

648. the excitement of a new adventure

649. nap time - with two sleeping boys at the same time

650. worn rings made sparkly and shiny like new

651. a new mug to sip from

652. having lunch at a friend's house

653. visiting with family

654. towels, fresh from the dryer

655. ice cold water

656. Emerson climbing on the couch next to me, wiggling under the blanket, reading me "The Three Little Pigs"

657. a hot breakfast made by my other mom for me to enjoy

658. little arms wrapped tight around my neck

659. the anticipation of a new season

660. mercies that are new every morning

661. fuzzy blankets keeping me warm

662. jeans and sweaters inside a cold office

663. morning sunlight streaming through the windows

What are some of the little gifts in your life right now?

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