Thursday, August 4, 2016

woodland friends cupcakes

Well over a month ago we celebrated Oliver's first birthday, it was a sweet little day and I loved doing something special for him. Since I've done special cupcakes for all of Emerson's birthdays so far [one, two, three], I wanted to be sure I did the same for Oliver [second child can't get gipped ;]. 

It took me a long time to come up with a theme for his cake. I wanted something cute and fun and summer appropriate [ie. no penguins ;]. I've always loved little woodland critters - when I found out Emerson as a boy that's what I first looked for/thought about for his nursery. It was hard to find since at the time it wasn't very popular. Not any more. Also, I'm a trend setter ;) - so I figured it would be fun to do a cake theme with them in mind. 

I started working on his cake with one vision in mind, but as I worked I changed course a bit and decided on cupcakes with little face toppers instead. That way Oliver could have his own little smash cake and we could enjoy the cake too. And since it would just be the four of us, I did't want to have a ton of cake!

Up to this point, I'd never worked with fondant in the summer - the weather makes a huge difference! But it was still a lot of fun and I'm pleased with how the cupcakes turned out in the end.

Emerson loved them too and choose to eat only the topper and not the cake part. Crazy kid. Oliver also seemed to love his cake and after the first bite or two gobbled the whole cake up within minutes. Anytime I got the remaining cupcakes out he would reach and cry for one. haha. Just like his momma. ;)

For the cake I made my dairy free white cake and frosted them with a dairy free buttercream frosting. You may think that sounds a little ironic . . . technically they weren't "buttercream", but thanks to vegan butter - the frosting was very much a buttercream. You would never know the difference between that and a real buttercream frosting. Landon loved it and so did the rest of us; it's a keeper frosting recipe for sure.

It would have been so fun and so easy to have a whole little woodland friends themed party, there were so many cute ideas running through my head. But since Oliver's party was us, we kept it simple with some fun cupcakes.

I loved being able to make something fun to celebrate one year of Oliver and am sure his second year celebration will come all too soon! Emerson is already requesting a certain theme for his birthday party - he's planning on inviting friends and everything [yikes!]. I'm maybe kind of hoping he changes his mind on the theme, mostly because it's a character and I am not talented enough to make the characters he wants. It will be fun to see if he sticks with this idea and of course if he does, I'll figure something out for him ;).


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Amy said...

Adorable!! Can I hire you to make these for Wy's bday next month??