Monday, September 5, 2016

little gifts [664 - 684]

Happy Monday and Labor Day to you! I realize most people probably have big fun plans for the day, but for us this day looks just like all the others. Which is just fine with me. This post has become one of my favorites, counting all the little gifts in my life makes me see God's goodness throughout each day and realize just how very blessed I am. 

664. a bashful welcome from Oliver after having spent the morning away without seeing him at all

665. his little grin buried under his blanket

666. tiny arms and legs wrapped tight around me, fingers stroke-pulling my hair

667. lunch with a dear friend - just the two of us

668. uninterrupted conversation

669. driving alone

670. listening to my favorite radio show

671. renewed spirit to play in the afternoon

672. morning sunlight streaming through the kitchen windows

673. days home with two little boys

674. God's protection

675. honking geese gliding through the white cloud speckled evening sky

676. little legs running to catch the graceful geese above, arms stretched upwards

677. tiny fingers picking through the dried mowed grass

678. summer sun blending into brisk fall

679. evenings I never want to end

680. wide open fields for running fast

681. an order from my shop

682. fabric slipping under my fingers, under the sewing needle

683. deep colored nail polish

684. soothing eye drops

What are some of the gifts in your life right now?

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