Monday, September 19, 2016

little gifts [685 - 704]

So, it feels like it's been forever since I've shared a post. Whoops. Hopefully I'll get back to it this week [for real this time]. The past week or so I've struggled getting out of bed when my alarm goes off, so there's that excuse ;) But I'm hoping that by starting this week off with a few little gifts it will get me in the right mind set [for lack of a better term] and get me posting on the regular again, because really truly, I love this little corner of the inter-world :) Which basically means, I love you. So anyhow, let's get to it before the little ones wake up and start dictating my day.

685. evening walks in the cool of the day

686. Oliver pointing with his whole body to the park

687. Oliver's unconfined glee when we turn to walk towards the park

688. little feet running fast to catch a ball

689. tiny hands and legs, crawling fast to catch up

690. a little nugget, standing wobbly on his own

691. a good visit with the doctor

692. twinkle lights inviting new friends to gather

693. extra long afternoon naps - by both boys

694. every single shop order

695. afternoon nap time spent cutting and sewing

696. a giant pale moon hanging low in the sky

697. washing jelly coated hair in the sink after lunch

698. playing Little People farm animals with tiny hands

699. discovering things new through the eyes of a babe

700. purple, pink, blue, and gold streaks across the sky wishing the sun good-night

701. warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies

702. random hugs and kisses from the three year old

703. whispers of, "I lod [love] you," in my ear

704. a candle flickering the evening hours away

What are some of the gifts in you life lately? I always love to hear!

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