Monday, September 26, 2016

little gifts [705 - 721]

So maybe I lied. Or not lied, I had every intention of getting more posts up last week ... but then it didn't happen. Whoops. Maybe this will be the week? Fingers crossed. In hopes of doing that I thought I'd start the week out in my favorite way - with the little gifts from this week. Here we go and here's to hoping I'll share a bit more this week!

705. a visit from my parents

706. a surprise of an extended visit with them

707. exploring the pumpkin patch with Grandpa and Grandma

708. little legs trying to climb on pumpkins

709. a night of free baby-sitting

710. little pumpkins scattered around the house

711. a surprise package of candy corn in the mail from my brother

712. friends understanding the season of life we're in

713. visiting a new park in the heat of day

714. picking Halloween costumes for the boys

715. being on time to church

716. Fall decor

717. fabric shopping for new items in the shop

718. coffee with friends from small group - sharing my heart with them

719. pony tail holders

720. the moon hanging low in the evening sky

721. little hands holding tight to the stroller during an evening walk

What gifts are in your life right now?

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Ashley Brickner said...

Love reading this! Just beautiful!