Monday, October 31, 2016

little gifts [788 - 812]

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!

It seems as though every week there are more and more little gifts coming my way, here we go . . .

found here : original source unknown 

788. visiting the library

789. picking just a few books to bring home

790. dressing the boys in Halloween costumes

791. the last pumpkin party at the civil department for us

792. stopping to collect fallen red, rust, yellow, and brown leaves

793. touching pumpkin guts

794. carving pumpkins

795. Emerson asking to make a picture for a sick friend

796. roasted pumpkin seeds

797. a salted carmel mocha

798. clearing the backyard of tomato plants gone wild

799. Christmas decor lining the store aisles

800. telling story after story after story

801. looking for good new books

802. finding Christmas gifts for family

803. newly painted nails

804. crisp fall mornings

805. exploring a newly renovated park

806. Oliver bouncing himself to say "more" when no one else will bounce the bouncer/teeter-totter

807. boys in their Sunday best

808. blanket like sweaters

809. making costumes

810. running errands solo

811. getting things for the boys without spending a dime

812. the last day of October

What are some gifts in your life right now?

Monday, October 24, 2016

little gifts [769 - 787]

769. oats bubbling and popping on the stove

770. pumpkin cranberry bread for dinner

771. window shopping

772. little moose feet

773. an evening manicure

774. emails from a friend

775. having a random pair of pants that I'll never wear and finding out my sister does

776. suspenders on Oliver

777. making a prayer notebook

778. scarves wrapped warm round my neck

779. a new recipe with veggies in it

780. a surprise coffee from the hubs one night

781. they way Oliver crawls over to sit beside me while I'm laying on the floor, and puts his little arm around my neck, and then gently plays with my hair

782. sneaking into Emerson's room at night to be invited to cuddle with him

783. whispering jokes and stories by the glow of a night light

784. Emerson's face, scrunched up, happy, grinning big, dimples deep

785. my boys fighting over who gets to sit in my lap

786. cool soccer mornings

787. a fall scavenger hunt on a crisp gray evening

What are some of the gifts in your life right now?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

coffee date

There's something special about going out for coffee with a friend. Little coffee dates are one of my favorites, although these days, completely nonexistent. Just the same, they're my favorite. Especially on gray days with a little sprinkle watering the earth and and slight chill in the air. They're my favorite.

So on this gray day, with a little drizzle outside, and a cup of hot tea, I'm just going to pretend that we're on a little coffee date and share the things swimming round my head these days . . .

- is it weird that I like to call it a coffee date even though it's coffee with a friend, and we're not dating, and I'm married? I like it though, so I'm just going to stick with it.

- being a mama is hard work. Taking care of little people, the house, the meals, and all the other things day in and day out is both wonderful and exhausting. I need a break. If only this were a real coffee date and I was actually getting a break.

- sweater weather is my absolute favorite and I'm so glad it's finally here.

- Christmas traditions are so important to me. We've been doing one thing for Christmas every year since we were married, but now that we have a family of our own, I really want to change the way we do things and start traditions of our own at home. There's something special about waking up in your own bed on Christmas morning and running out to the twinkly tree you've danced around for the last month to finally get to open those presents and spend a leisurely day at home with the ones you love the most. If we could only all see it this way. I think it's high time we change the way we do Christmas and I need to start really praying about it so others in my life will see it that way too ;)

- Target is killing it. Oh my goodness. Basically everything in there calls to me and begs for me to bring it home. I don't. But oh how I want to.

- One day, I really want to host Thanksgiving. Really, really, really.

And the bunny is about to light up in Emerson's room, signaling it's time to wake up, even though he's already awake, so I best get a start on the day. Thanks for our coffee date. We'll have to do it again soon.

.... what would you share on our coffee date?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

little gifts [752 - 768]

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today we're missing out our our regularly scheduled programming due to two sick little boys, but I'm determined to make the most of it and still doing something fun. To get me off to the right start I'm sharing some little gifts . . .

752. Oliver crawling over to sit beside me and then putting his little arm around my neck. all. the. time.

753. intentional [slobbery, snot-filled, open mouth] kisses from Oliver, right on the lips

754. Emerson hiding behind the couch and covering his eyes while I read the part about the big bad mouse in "The Gruffalo's Child"

755. pumpkin cheerios

756. fresh sheets

757. the babe in hoods and hats with little ears

758. watching Emerson pick all the books at the library

759. playing outside

760. candle flickering in the evening hours

761. misty mornings on the soccer field

762. pumpkins on the porch

763. mums of all the colors

764. new dinner ideas

765. making a new pumpkin recipe

766. being noticed when you don't show up at church two weeks in a row

767. slow mornings

768. eating breakfast in pajamas

These are the little gifts that carry me through each day. What are some of the little gifts in your life this week?

Friday, October 14, 2016


It's been forever and a day since I've shared five things. I have a lot of things going round in my head lately so I needed to share! Here we go...

1. tea 
I've always enjoyed a good cup of tea, but lately I've been sipping a lot more than usual. The other day while shopping I saw a nice little tin of tea on sale and thought I'd give it a try. It has quickly become one of my favorites and now I want to drink it all the time.

2. flashlight
For a while now Emerson has been asking for a flashlight. I'm not really sure where he got the idea for a flashlight from, but he's been asking for one. I looked around for one for a while and found one in our basement, got new batteries for it, and showed Emerson how to use it. And then it didn't work. Apparently our flashlight was a little outdated? Also it's a good thing we didn't need a flashlight and have only that one. Since the one we had was broken we decided to find a different one [that worked] for him. We let him help pick it out, since it's his flashlight and all. It's so cute to see his eyes light up when he shows me his shadows and turns on his flashlight in a dark room. I think he'll especially love it since it's getting so dark so early these days. Now he has a way to read the 23 books he sleeps with every night.

3. Thursdays
The past few weeks on Thursdays, Emerson's BFF has been coming over to play. Bee, the little girl I used to babysit, comes with her mom in the mornings and the little ones play while her mom and I chat about this and that. Emerson misses seeing her every day, so Thursdays has become a very special day for him and one that he looks forward to. I love that we're still able to play together and how much they love each other [expect for the times Bee doesn't want to be hugged and he really needs to give her one. haha].

4. a Target steal  
A few mornings ago the boys and I went to Target because I needed to get a few things and also because we like to go there and look at all the pretty things. I had a list, and I stuck to it! ...except for when I was walking past one aisle and saw on the end the red sticker clearance items. Two of which were cute little suitcases for boys. We travel fairly frequently and I always use my bags for them, they obviously don't care or know the difference, but I've always thought it'd be cute if they had their own little bags. Since the little suitcases were cute and on clearance, I picked one up to just see how much they cost. Not that I would actually buy it, but I just had to check. Ya know? And oh my goodness. Guess how much they cost. Guess. $2.22!  Yes, two dollars and twenty-two cents. That's only 222 pennies! I triple checked the price tags and they both said the same thing. So I did the only logical thing, I put them both in the cart, because I was buying those bags. After we finished getting the rest of our loot and were checking out, I paid close attention to the prices as they came up, there was no way I was going to pay more than $2.22 for those bags. When they rang up as a lot more than that I told the cashier what the price tag said. She rolled her eyes and said, "Well that's miss marked," but checked the tag just the same. Sure enough, she saw I wasn't lying. I figured they were miss marked, but hey, that's what the tag said so that's what I'm payin'. She called a manager over to fix the problem, and he told her to price correct it to what it was marked as on the bag. She seemed more grumpy about it than the manager did, but corrected the price. And then before I was even finished checking out, she called to have someone look for more miss marked bags. haha. Lady, I would have gotten ten of them if there had been ten of them. I walked faster to my car than usual, because I felt like I was stealing at such an amazing price!! Best. buy. ever. And Landon wasn'te even mad I'd gotten something off the list that we didn't "need". haha.

5. my oven 
It seems as though it's on a weekly basis that I set our smoke decorators off. I'm sure our neighbors think I can't cook - even though I can. Really, I promise. It's our oven. It's cheap and it smokes a lot. And anytime I set the temperature higher than 375, it sets the decorators off. If I'm lucky, setting the vent fan on high and opening all our windows and doors, and turning on the living room fan, will sometimes save me from the beeping going off. But I digress. The other night when I was making cookies, set at 350, before I even opened the door I saw a little smoke rising from the back of the oven [it's cheap I tell ya]. When I opened the door to put the sheet in, smoke billowed out. Um. Not good. So I set about to clean it. And holy moly. It was gross. I'm amazed at how disgusting it was. But I suppose I should expect that since this morning was the first time I've cleaned our oven since moving here.



All I used was baking powder, vinegar, a washcloth, a sponge, and a lot of elbow grease. Gross, right?

Anyhow, that's all I've got for you today. Happy weekend to you all!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Emerson says

This post has been a long time in coming. There are things Emerson says these days that I always want to remember so I've been compiling them here for a while.

- - -

The night of July 3rd, neighbors were setting off fireworks. This was a rude awakening for Emerson and he screamed for us. Landon went into his room and talked with him, after a few minutes he came to grab his computer so he could work in Emerson's room. Apparently their conversation went something like this once Landon realized he would be in there for a while:

Landon: Let me go get my computer, I'll be right back and then I'll stay in here with you.
Emerson: Okay, but you better get a pillow too!

hahaha. That boy.

- - -

While cuddling on the couch and watching a show together:

Emerson: I lode [love] your arm, it so comtada [comfortable].

- - -

"Jamumater" - that's how he says January, and I kind of love it.

- - -

"It so hard to wait for Santa." He said this one day in August out of the blue, and has been saying it nearly daily ever since. We don't even really talk about Santa, so I'm not sure why all of the sudden he's talking about him all of the time. I think maybe we read or briefly looked at one Christmas book. That's all it took.

- - -

"It so hard to wait for Chrisamis [Christmas]," and then he wants me to show him on the calendar how many more months/pages until Christmas.

- - -

"When my birday pody gonna be?" [birthday party]. Again, something that was completely unprompted. But suddenly he's been talking about his birthday party and what it's going be and who's going to come and how, "it so hard to wait." haha. Poor boy's been waiting since August... and his birthday's not until January.

- - -

One morning I went to the eye doctor by myself [!], I was gone for most of the day since the office was two hours one way from our home. I didn't see the boys until they woke up from their afternoon naps that day. They were both happy to see me and while we were playing together that afternoon Emerson said, "Hey, Mom."
Me: What?
Emerson: I know! When I growed up, I want ta be a mama like you! Den we can talk tageder [together]!
Me: Thanks, buddy! Why do you want to be a mama though?"
Emerson: Cuz I wanna be like you!
Me: Oh, I LOVE you! I think you'll be a great daddy one day.
Emerson: No, I wanna be a mama like you!"

Three minutes later . . .

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Emerson: Uh. Ah rocket ship!

insert laughing-crying emoji.

But seriously. My heart was a big ol puddle when he said he wanted to be like me. It means I'm doing something right, right? Apart from the fact that he's a boy and he'll be a daddy not a mommy and all that... it was the absolute sweetest and biggest complement ever. And I love him something fierce.

- - -

One evening while Landon was reading with Emerson:
Landon: 9 snowmen. You count.
Emerson: No. You pretty awesome. You count.


- - -

"1, 3, 6, 11, 80!" - the way he counts. Not sure what happened to the other numbers. But he knows how to count to 80 ;)

- - -

I know there are other things he says that I can't remember right now. So I'll just have to start putting those in a new post all on their own. Maybe by Christmas I'll have some more things he says to share. What are some of the funny/sweet/cute things your little one says?

Monday, October 10, 2016

little gifts [737 - 751]

737. bundled up baby cuddled against me as we watch big brother play soccer

738. little legs running fast to kick a ball

739. watching Emerson listen to his coaches

740. arms wrapped tight around my legs while fixing dinner

741. getting a giant bag full of clothes for the boys

742. watching Daniel Tiger with a sick little nugget curled against my chest

743. a little wagon, pulled behind a little boy, filled with little pumpkins

744. exploring a new pumpkin patch

745. a Thomas train and a blue plow truck, held tight in tiny hands. all day long.

746. new friendships

747. a solo grocery shopping trip

748. cleaning closets out

749. weekend visits with GeGe and Poppy

750. brothers riding a little four-wheeler together

751. Oliver putting a book in my lap, and then turning around to scoot his little booty into my lap to read together

What gifts are in your life this week?

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Lately . . .

- I have been getting up at 6 to get ready for the day and to have my quiet time and blog. The house is still, the boys are sleeping, it's become one of my favorite times of the day.

- I've switched back to tea. I was drinking coffee during my quiet morning hours, but I was talking with my mom when they were visiting about how some coffee can have a bad effect on your body. I won't get into the details, but I started paying attention to my body when I'd have coffee and after a few days decided to try tea. And I can see the signs... So no more coffee for me. At least for now.

- Tea has always been a favorite, but I also really enjoy a good cup of coffee.

- English Tea Breakfast and Earl Grey are my go tos. A little honey and a splash of almond milk and I'm set.

- I'm thinking I really need this mug now. But for real. I need it.

- My blog has been a little [or a lot] neglected lately. As has reading and catching up on my favorite blogs. It's just kind of happened and I miss the daily posting and reading of other blogs I love. I love this little corner and community. But it just isn't getting all the attention it used to. And as such, it's made me think about some potential changes to the blog.

- I've been working on items to add to my shop. The only time I have to work is during nap time and after the boys go to bed, which is when I used to blog.  I always love finishing a piece and adding it to the shop. I'm working on a lot of new things to add including more diaper clutches and bow ties!

- Yesterday the boys and I spent the morning at a friends house. She recently moved here and has two little ones the same ages as my boys. It was the the prefect day. The boys played so well together and the babies were great. We played inside with fun new toys and outside in a shaded backyard with a cool breeze. We were able to talk while the kids played. I left refreshed. It was so good.

- We decided to stop going to our small group. They were in the midst of making changes and we decided in the end it was best for us to step out at this point. It was harder for me than I thought it would be to tell the leaders that we were quitting the group. Though of course I used more eloquent words :)

- A mom contacted me the other day to ask if I would babysit her baby boy. He's 8 weeks old right now, and I wouldn't start babysitting until December. It would only be two days a week. But I don't know... I really don't want to start babysitting again. really really really don't want to babysit. So, I'm meeting her and her husband in a few days and we'll see what happens from there.

That's all I've got for you today. Have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pumpkin Cookies

Since it's October, I thought it's be fun to share my favorite fall cookie with you all. I shared this a long time ago, but wanted to share again. These are the best pumpkin cookies ever. I promise you won't be disappointed. The best part? They are so easy to make! Try them and let me know how you like them! 

Pumpkin Cookies 

A week or so ago I mentioned that I had made some pumpkin cookies. Today I am finally getting around to sharing the recipie. I have been making these cookies for years... long before the days of Pinterest; they are the best pumpkin cookies I have ever had. It's really true. 

Pumpkin Cookies 
1 box carrot cake mix
1 cup canned pumpkin 
1 egg
1/4 cup applesause
2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

Preheat oven to 350. In large bowl combine all ingredients until well blended. Drop teaspoonfuls onto cookie sheet. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Let cool. Frost with cream cheese icing, if desired. 

Obviously, there must be frosting when you make these little cookies (for me at least)... I mean, pumpkin and cream cheese just go together... So, here is the icing bit of this recipe (if you feel like making it yourself. You can always buy a can of icing at the store, it's always tasty and makes these cookies even quicker and less messy for you. However, I like to make my own so I'll share my recipe  :).

Cream Cheese Frosting:
1 8-oz package cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup butter, softened
2 tsp. vanilla
2-3 cups powdered sugar (depending on how much you want and the consistency you desire)

In large bowl beat cream cheese and butter together until smooth, light, and fluffy. Add vanilla and beat in until combined. Slowly add powdered sugar, a little it at a time, until it reaches desired spreading consistency.

Ice cooled cookies and enjoy... or just eat it straight out of the bowl (I may or may not do that...).

*OR : get a tub of cream cheese frosting at the grocery store, it's just as good and a lot faster! :)

That's it! Super easy! Now go make you some. You will be sooo happy you did.

Monday, October 3, 2016

little gifts [722 - 736]

722. lamps setting the evening aglow

723. fun packages of Halloween costumes arriving in the mail

724. watching Emerson dance around in his Halloween costume

725. a steaming cup of english tea breakfast

726. holding a soft little bunny

727. an unexpected date night

728. a hay maze

729. being handed an unwanted sucker that was licked three times

730. picking a pot of mums for the porch

731. petting the happiest goat alive

732. tiny arm wrapping tighter around my arm, for fear of a camel and a wallaby

733. gray skies

734. crisp fall air

735. pumpkins perched on the porch

736. playing peek-a-boo after bath time

I hope your Monday is filled with little gifts. Happy Day, friends.